Suppliers must support and comply with international human rights instruments and treat their employees fairly, equally and with respect. Respect for human rights is the basic premise in this.

SATO does not tolerate any discrimination – regardless of its grounds and manifestations or context – in recruitment, training, career development or dismissal.

Suppliers must make sure there is no bullying, threatening, harassment, pressure or other types of negative activity. Suppliers must ensure employees’ opportunities for freedom of association and membership and activity as well as any possible collective agreements of unions without any threat of punishment, threatening or intimidation.

All employees must have written employment contracts translated into a language understood by the employee. There must be no pay-related discrimination. There must be no use of child labour. If there is no national legislation against the use of child labour in the supplier’s country of operations, the supplier may still not in any case employ anyone under the age of 15 in any circumstances.

At SATO we are making constant efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of our operations. Suppliers must have sufficient knowledge and management capacities to take measures to reduce their environmental impacts. Suppliers must continuously seek to reduce their emissions into our common environment and increase the efficiency of their use of energy and resources.

In their work, contractors must minimise any adverse environmental impacts of their worksites through measures including deconstruction instead of traditional demolition work, recycling of materials and taking the useful life, repairability and environmental load into account in the selection of products.

The general contractor must draw up site-specific plans presenting the measures to be taken to comply with environmental requirements. The general contractor must also see to the planning and execution of earthworks, extraction and construction work in a manner whereby no damage is caused to the structures, equipment or other property of neighbouring buildings or street or park areas.

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SATO's partners are required to commit to the SATO guidelines as regards processing of personal data
  • The Supplier/Contractor (SATO partner) shall process personal data in compliance with the instructions, information security policy, data protection policy and data file descriptions provided by the controller.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall not transfer personal data to a country outside the EU or EEA or to any international organisation.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall not transfer personal data to a third party to the main agreement.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall be responsible for the fulfilment of the expert knowledge and reliability requirements concerning itself and its employees and for putting in place the technical and organisational measures, including security of processing, in compliance with data protection law.

  • Personal data may not be used for any purposes other than those under the cooperation agreement.

  • Persons authorised to process personal data shall have committed themselves to confidentiality.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall implement all technical and organisational data security measures in accordance with data protection legislation necessary at any given time in compliance with SATO’s up-to-date requirements.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall only use such subcontractors the use of which has been expressly authorised in advance by SATO and that comply with this agreement. In the event that a subcontractor fails to fulfil its obligations, the Supplier/Contractor shall be fully liable for the subcontractor’s errors or omissions.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall assist SATO with appropriate technical and organisational measures to fulfil the controller's obligations.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall notify SATO of any data breaches without undue delay and no later than within 36 hours after becoming aware of the breach, and document any data breaches and the remedial action taken.

  • At the choice of SATO, the Supplier/Contractor shall either erase or return all the personal data to SATO after the end of the provision of services relating to processing and erase any existing copies (excluding any storage of personal data required by legislation applied to the processor).

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall make available to SATO all information relating to the processing of personal data necessary for SATO to demonstrate its compliance with the obligations of the controller and inform SATO if, in its opinion, an instruction infringes the EU General Data Protection Regulation or other data protection provisions.

  • The Supplier/Contractor shall allow for and contribute to audits conducted by SATO, an auditor mandated by SATO or a data protection authority.

Code of conduct

Code of Conduct, together with SATO’s values and management culture, forms a framework for the company’s operating practice and emphasizes commitment to sustainable business.