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SATO RentHome is a flexible choice

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When life is moving forward in shorter bursts, and you can't commit to a long term rental apartment, SATO RentHome might be your dream home for a shorter period also. Almost all our available apartments are included in this campaign, in which you can make an open-ended rental agreement instead of a normal 12-month one. The security deposit €0!

Here's how you do it

  1. Browse SATO RentHomes »

  2. Fill in an application, and write into the box for additional information "lyhytaikainen koti kiinnostaa" »

SATO RentHome is perfect for you

  1. If you are unsure of how long you can stay in one place

  2. If your work keeps you away from your home town

  3. If you need a second, more tranquil home to work from

  4. If you get a short term degree place from another city

  5. If there is a pipe repair, and you have to temporarily move

  6. If you are looking for a housing company that can offer you more than just walls

Take a look at our customer promises »

This campaign is valid until 1st August 2020. These houses are excluded from the campaign: Atlantinkatu 12, Amiraalinkatu 2, Majurinkatu3, and Ida Aalbergin tie 1. Please note we can change the range of homes included in the campaign. For more information about SATO and renting a home from us, take a look here »