Terminate your lease well ahead to get a gift card.

One thing less to remember


Moving into a brand new or newly renovated home? Or moving to another city for school? Do you know your moving-in-day well ahead of time?_

Get your early 'terminator' benefit:

According to law you have to terminate your lease one calendar month before you move out. So if you are moving out at the end of July, you'll have to give us your termination notice by the end of June.

However, if you know for sure your moving-out-date for two months ahead, terminate your lease no later than 30 days before the latest termination date, and we'll reward you with €50 gift voucer for pakuovelle.com to be used for van hiring. At the same time there is one less thing to remember regarding your move!

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The benefit is valid in Helsinki MA, Turku, and Tampere.