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New ways of living at Hervantajärvi

SATO is developing nearly 200 rental and part-ownership homes in the up-and-coming Hervantajärvi area, close to the terminus of the Tampere Tramway. The property under construction will feature 132 new rental homes and 52 SATO FlexHome part-ownership homes.

New SATO RentHomes and FlexHomes to Hervantajärvi

SATO, one of Finland's largest lessors, develops residential areas together with cities and annually builds around 1,000 new rental homes in an urban environment near good public transport connections and services.

132 new rental apartments financed by SATO will be completed March 2023 at Heittoniitynkuja, Hervantajärvi, Tampere, near the tram line's terminus. SATO FlexHomes will be ready to move into the same yard in December 2022.

"Different housing solutions are needed in cities and SATO wants to be involved in offering versatile housing options. In addition to new rental homes, we are bringing our flexible short-term co-ownership model, FlexHome, to Tampere", says SATO's Tampere regional manager Miikka Karjaluoto.

Nature sceneries at lake Hervantajärvi.

It's good to live close to nature

Hervantajärvi is located 12 km from the centre of Tampere and around 2 km from the district of Hervanta, which is home to around 25,000 residents. Hervantajärvi is roughly 20 minutes from the centre of Tampere by car or tram. The Tampere Tramway has its terminus in Hervantajärvi. The Hervantajärvi area will see intense development in the next few years. The residential blocks in the area will centre on an urban park and the entire residential area is surrounded by a wide forested recreational area that offers fabulous opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

Fall for Hervantajärvi

Sustainable choises

In the design of Heittoniitykuja's buildings, energy efficiency and building solutions that last for decades have been taken into account. The heat source of the buildings is geothermal heat, which utilizes the energy stored in the soil.

Sustainable choices have also been taken into account when it comes to getting around. There are covered and lockable warehouses for bicycles. The parking spaces are in the garage located in the same block and in the yard of the building. All parking spaces have a reservation for electric car charging, and in addition, shared cars are planned for the use of the residents of the block.

New FlexHome in Hervantajärvi, Tampere

Live in a home with thermal heating, charge your electric car with ease, or choose to commute by tram! The SATO FlexHomes of 'Hervantajärven Helmi' are ready to move in!

Get to know Hervantajärven helmi

Move into a new RentHome in April 2023

City nearby, nature even closer! The best aspects of urban and close-to-nature living are combined in the brand new SATO RentHomes near the end stop of the tram. You can move into the RentHomes at Heittoniitykuja 5 in the beginning of April 2023.

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Heittoniitynkuja 5

More flexibility with SATO FlexHome

With Sato FlexHome, you can start living in your own apartment after having invested only 15 % of the value of your own apartment. After five years of shared ownership, you can redeem the apartment for yourself or sell it back to SATO. If you decide to sell, you can also stay in the apartment as a tenant. In this way, with FlexHome, you can try owner-occupied housing.

In Heittoniitykuja's FlexHomes, you can find apartments from studios to 3-bedroom family homes with saunas. Each SATO FlexHome on Heittoniitynkuja 7 has its own glazed balcony and some of the apartments located on the ground floor also have a terrace. More than half of the FlexHome apartments, from studios to larger family apartments, have alcove, which enable flexible use of space and various interior design solutions. Alcoves can be turned into, for example, a workspace, a sleeping couch, or a playroom, for example.

"We want to offer our residents different housing solutions. Alcove brings more flexibility and adaptability to the apartments also when for example life situations change", Miikka Karjaluoto continues.

SATO FlexHomes at Hervantajärven Helmi now for sale. Grab yours quickly: real gems will be sold soon!

Easy living in Heittoniitynkuja 5

Heittoniitynkuja will be completed with SATO RentHomes in the beginning of 2023, when Heittoniitynkuja 5 will be finished. Construction work began in summer 2021 and the apartments will be ready to move into in March 2023. The apartments will be available for rent on the Find a home page in winter 2022-23.

More information about all the SATO Rental Homes at Heittoniitynkuja is provided by the Tampere rental team by e-mail at


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