Kaleva, Tampere

56.5 m² - 83.5 m²1 rental apartment available

Pellervonkatu 23

Apartment count36
Building count1
Apartment types2 br., 3 br.
Apartment sizes

2 br.: 56.5 m² - 56.5 m²
3 br.: 83.5 m² - 83.5 m²

Common areasDrying room, Laundry house, Air-raid shelter, Attic or cellar or storage room, Outdoor storage room, Clubroom / common area, Communal sauna
Service superior

Marko Lakkala

Maintenance company

HH-Kiinteistöpalvelut Oy, Viinikankatu 53, 33800, TAMPERE

hhkp@hhkp.fi010 3950 395http://www.hhkp.fi/

Included in rent

Broadband, Telia 50 M
Painting kit
Laundry room
Drying room
Apartment storage
Outdoor storage room

Property's rules

Pets allowed

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