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Question about payments?

You can check you rental payment info easily at OmaSATO. Please note, there is an approximately 2 days delay between payment and it showing up at OmaSATO.

Looking for a home?

By filling in the application for rental apartment before contacting us you ensure a faster customer service. Please note, we can offer you a home only if you have filled in the application.

Defect report

Do you have an issue with your apartment or the building? Fill in a defect report at OmaSATO. If there is an urgency, like a water damage, please contact your maintenance company directly by phone (see below).

Other issue

Questions about living in SATOhome, residents' cooperation, or perhaps B2B issues?

Contact details of you home building

Service Manager and maintenance company

Call Customer Service

Our phonelines ar quite busy at the moment. If you can, favor other methods to contact us, like OmaSATO and chat.

Call ratesOpening hours Mon-Thu 8-17, Fri 9-16

Exceptions in opening hours

All offices are closed on Public Holidays

Fri 29th Apr our phonelines will close at 1pm.'s chat is closed from 10am to 1pm and 3pm to 6pm.

Chat with customer service

The chat is open whenever there is a Customer Service Specialist available. Chat is open Mon-Thu 10-20, Fri 10-18, Sat-Sun 10-16.

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Chitchat with us in social

We would love to hear from you in our social media channels. However, if you have a defect to report, use faster channels - we recommend OmaSATO for that!


SATO rental apartments, Helsinki Metropolitan Area

Kaivokatu 8 (CityCenter, 9th floor), 00100 Helsinki
Open by appointment only, Mon-Fri 8-16.

Please note: For the time being, visits to our rental housing service points are by appointment only. Please make an appointment in advance by calling +358 50 560 7289 if you need to pick up keys. If the keys are asked to be collected from the maintenance company, please do so. In other matters, do contact our Customer Service.

Tel +358 (0) 20 334 443
Fax +358 (0) 0201 34 4353

Call rates

Exceptions in opening hours

All offices are closed on Public Holidays

B2B Invoicing

Please use e-invoices. If you have any questions about B2B invoicing, please contact us at


Please note that the B2B invoicing addresses are not related to rent payments. If you need advice in rent payments, please contact our customer service.