SATO as a workplace

SATO employees are our most important resource. We want to be pioneers - also the day after tomorrow. Join the top professionals of the housing business!

We are experts in rental homes, constructing, and housing. At SATO you have the opportunity to be one of the top specialists in the field.

With us personnel can develop the future of housing with their own expertise. A good customer experience is the responsibility of all of us, and as one of us you will be close to our customer.

We are held together by the drive to succeed together, the ability to take things forward, and the easy-going humane approach. We want our personnel to do well and thrive both on work and off.

When we buid new or renovate the old, we make sure our houses stand the test of times, and our shared city environment prospers. We have committed to sustainable actions, and encourage both our personnel and our residents to make sustainable choices every day.

Among forerunners

Our values guide us

With us our customers can focus on living their one-of-a-kind, unique life. We want to be the experts and forerunners of housing now and tomorrow. We have the ability to evolve and succeed. The base of all our actions are the SATO values: Human to human; Be bold, aim high; Joy of succeeding together.

What are we offering you?

SATO offers you an invirogating work environment with open and laid-back atmosphere where personnel is ready to help each other. Our managagerial style is coaching, and we want to invest in the training of our personnel.

When you are one of us, you will get great fringe benefits, including extensive occupational health services and leisure-time accident insurance cover, as well as access to holiday cabins in Himos and Vuokatti, and childcare service paid by SATO if your child gets ill. We have flexible work hours, hybrid model of working, and modern offices in Helsinki, Tampere, and Turku.