We employ a friendly and relaxed team of some 300 housing professionals. We at SATO work professionally, and close to our customers. Openness, doing things together and happiness about our own and our colleagues' successes take us towards our common goals. Genuine human interaction - from person to person - is at the heart of our culture. This means caring, taking on responsibility, listening, putting yourself in the other person's shoes. We want to help our customers to make their rental home a home.

We believe that an excellent employee experience is also reflected in an excellent customer experience. We aim high and you can see in the work we do that we are ambitious, brave and dynamic and want to move things forward at full steam.

The majority of our employees would recommend SATO as a workplace to others, too. SATO employees responding to our 2019 Personnel Satisfaction Survey describe their workplace as: ”open, evolving and laid back.” Cooperation between the team and the workplace community are regarded as particular strengths.

SATO employees have excellent opportunities to develop in their work, hone their expertise and learn new things. We support job rotation and on-the-job learning at SATO. Last year, around one in three new positions were filled by a SATO in-house professional.

Our personnel is our most valued asset

”We take care of our employees" is one of the focus areas of the SATO Sustainability Programme for 2019–2022. Our aim is that SATO employees throughout the organisation regard their workplace as inspiring, open and responsible and feel that they are being looked after.

The SATO management and personnel cooperation group (Tarmo) has regular meetings to discuss current issues and development ideas generated by our employees. Initiatives implemented this spring include bicycle servicing and improved bicycle storage facilities provided at the workplace.

The SATO club for recreation and sports activities (LiiVi) organises several events over the year for SATO employees. This year saw several dozens of SATO employees take part in the running event to raise funds to support children's physical activity.

We support the reconciliation of work and family life

SATO supports the reconciliation of work and family life by, for example, providing a childcare service as an employee benefit if your child under the age of 10 gets ill. Before the start of school in August 2019, we organised a three-day summer camp for SATO employees' children and the experiences were very positive.


We reward our people for their successes and good work. Our employees regard us as a fair employer. We offer extensive personnel benefits to all SATO employees.

At SATO you will get:
• good coaching support from your first-line supervisor;
• extensive occupational health services;
• childcare service paid by SATO if your child gets ill;
• access to holiday cabins in Himos and Vuokatti;
• extensive leisure-time accident insurance cover;
• modern workplace facilities in Helsinki, Turku and Tampere;
• diverse club activities;
• the same benefits as SATO customers: Take a look »