In cities SATO RentHomes are located by excellent transport links and close to services and workplaces, so SATO RentHome is an excellent choice for employee accommodation. Your company can rent an apartment from us and sublet it to an employee.

SATO - a great choice for your company's housing needs

When you choose SATO as your partner, we'll do our best to quickly find a solution that caters to your company's needs.

As one of Finland's biggest rental housing providers, SATO has a wide selection of rental apartments around the capital region, in Turku and Tampere. Whether you're looking for a compact studio apartment in the city center or a spacious family apartment with good transport connections, you'll find it with us.

In a SATOhome, your employee can enjoy a carefree everyday life and have a good housing experience, while our House Experts and other SATO professionals make sure that everything in the home works as it should.

Effortless rental housing for your employee

Employee accommodation is a significant benefit for an employee, especially when relocating to Finland or moving cities for work. There are plenty of arrangements to do and things to remember when moving and starting a new job, so the employer’s help is often welcome. We are happy to work with relocation companies and help them find suitable rental homes for expats. Your company should also consider renting an apartment if you want to offer accommodation as a part of managerial contract.

Looking for employee accommodation?

Let our corporate sales team find employee accommodation for you or your employee. Contact us!

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Employee accommodation is an asset

Renting an apartment for an employee is also beneficial for the company, as it makes it possible to attract the best professionals from all over the world to work for your company. Employer-provided accommodation as a fringe benefit in addition to an employee's pay can even be a financially viable option.

Does SATO rent commercial spaces or storage units?

Yes indeed, many of our home buildings have commercial space also, as well as storage units we can rent to your company. Since our homes are located in some of the best spots in the largest cities of Finland, so are our commercial spaces and storage units. Be it in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Turku, or Tampere, you can be sure our spaces are easily reached. We mainly have small to mid-sized brick-and-mortar spaces.


Submit your housing application now and our sales team will help you find the apartment or space you're looking for.

Rental homes for international talent

Finding a suitable apartment is crucial for someone moving for work, and the employer's assistance in housing search is more than welcome. See how SATO and Finland Relocation Service collaborate in finding homes for professionals relocating to Finland.

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Coming to work in Finland

Some 280,000 foreign nationals live in Finland. One of them is IT specialist Deepesh Kumar, 40, who came to the country to take part in a large IT project of a multinational corporation.

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Defect reports for B2B customers

Did you notice an issue with the apartment your company is renting? Report the defect easily by filling in this maintenance form.

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