Dreaming of your very own home?

A new SATOhome is a carefree choice

Buying a home is the biggest and most carefully considered decision of their life for most people. Choosing to buy in a brand new building is a safe and carefree choice: as the first person to live in the home, you get a home where everything is new and sure to work.

All the best of a brand new home

Newly built homes are often more energy-efficient and quiet than older homes thanks to modern construction and building services engineering. Modern appliances consumer less electricity and modern water fittings are more efficient than older ones. We build SATOhomes in places with good public transport links so that you can get about easily even if you don’t own a car.

SATOhomes feature high-quality, durable and timeless materials suited to many tastes. New SATOhomes are sold in move-in-ready condition. At viewings, you can see your new home just as it will be. You can also visit selected homes virtually.

Example: Take a virtual tour in a 4 bedroom home by the sea »

80 years of SATOhomes

We have been developing homes in Finland for more than 80 years now. We design new housing solutions to meet the needs of our customers living in an increasingly urbanised Finland. We now own nearly 26,800 rental homes in Finland’s major growth centres and in St Petersburg. Around 1,000 new SATOHomes are completed each year.

Our responsibility targets include a commitment to promoting sustainable development. In the design of our buildings, we cater for energy efficiency and sustainable mobility as well as sustainable building solutions that will last for decades to come. We develop cities and districts on a time horizon that spans decades.

Nearly one in ten homes in Finland was developed by SATO.

Help in finding the right home

We are at your service by phone and email. In addition to public viewings, private viewings of homes can also be arranged by agreement. At viewings, we comply with the health safety guidelines in force and our sales representatives will advise you of these before any viewing.

Contact us to learn more:
SATO Customer Service 020 334 443