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Offering and developing housing sustainably with customer insight

We want to create comfortable homes and diverse living areas, that will last generations. Our customers know us by name, and we understand their housing needs now and in the future. We operate profitably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our housing assets through investments, divestments and repairs.

Our competitive edge is based on anticipating our customers need, embracing lifecycle management, and on our dedicated personnel.

Nuori tummatukkainen nainen hymyilee lukiessaan kirjaa isojen ikkunoiden edessä. Naisella valkoinen paitapusero ja farkkuhaalarit.

Financial statements 2022

Despite the economic uncertainty, there is demand for rental apartments in Finland, and the urbanisation trend continues. We continued to develop the customer experience at SATO during the year. Our tenant turnover fell and our customer satisfaction improved.

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Calendar 2023

31 Jan Shareholders should at the latest submit to the Board of Directors the required items to the AGM
10 Feb Financial statements announced
23 Mar AGM
11 May Interim report 1-3/2023
18 Jul Half year report 1-6/2023
27 Oct Interim report 1-9/2023

Closed periods will begin in year 2023 as follows
11 Jan preceding the release of financial statement 2022
11 Apr preceding the release of Interim report 1-3/2023
18 Jun preceding the release of Half year report 1-6/2023
27 Sep preceding the release of Interim report 1-9/2023
Closed period includes a silent period. Closed period ends at the end of the publishing date of the financial statements or interim report.

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Investor relations

If you want to report matters which, in your opinion, are against SATO's values and practices, please use our whistleblowing channel.

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Green financing

Investments towards financing homes classified as Eligible Green Assets as per SATO’s Green Finance Framework.

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