Effortless living. A home for your life.


Homes for all life situations

Our apartment is your home for all life situations. Living in a SATOhome is effortless and all of our rental homes boast a great location close to diverse transport connections and services.

We take care of your home with decades of experience. SATO's own House Experts and Service Managers, as well as great digital services, ensure that everything works as it should in a SATOhome.

When fixing old or developing new homes, the choices we make will always make sure your home building will stand the test of time and our urban environment will thrive. We also encourage you to make sustainable choices in everyday life and develop new services for your enjoyment.

Applying for a SATO home is easy: take a look at rental homes that are available now or later on our Find a home page, pick the ones you like best and send your application to us right away.