SATO - your responsible rental housing provider

Homes that stand the test of time

We reduce our environmental load by taking good care of SATO homes and home buildings. We construct new rental homes and renovate older ones homes in line with lifecycle principles.

We are committed to constructing energy-efficient buildings and therefore look into potentially using geothermal heat for all of our new buildings and renovation projects. Our aim is also to replace any fossil-fuel based property heating with either geothermal heat or air-water heat pumps, as using renewable energy in heating significantly reduces operational emissions during the use of our home buildings.

When selecting construction materials for indoor areas, we seek to minimise their environmental impacts. We also promote the circular economy by cutting the volume of waste from construction through sorting and delivering all suitable materials for recovery.

SATO has been awarded the Design from Finland label indicating high-quality Finnish design competence. For new SATO homes, we use fitted furniture designed by us, such as the KIDE range of bathroom furniture. The manufacturers of the KIDE range as well as other furniture designed by us have also been awarded the Key Flag Symbol for products and services made in Finland.

Support for your everyday choices

Around 20,000 SATO homes have been fitted with a temperature and humidity sensor that collects data on indoor temperature and humidity. These sensors help us to make SATO homes more comfortable and ensure their indoor temperature is healthy and energy efficient.

We want to make sustainable everyday choices easy for SATO home residents. We provide support and guidance in issues such as waste sorting and make it easier to recycle items no longer needed by providing recycling containers outside our home buildings. In addition, we organise pilot projects and campaigns that involve us sharing tips and encouraging our customers for actions such as reducing their own energy and water consumption.

The wellbeing of residents and neighbourhoods is important for us, and that is why we are also determined to continuously develop communality and good neighbourly relations in SATO home buildings, for example with the help of our neighbour mentors.

Our sustainability work is guided by the SATO Strategy and Sustainability Programme.