Report misconduct

Use the whistleblowing channel

We at SATO aim for open and ethical ways of action that respects both the people and the environment. However, if you come across actions that are unethical, illegal or in contrast of our core values, you have a way to report it through an independent whistleblowing channel.

We as a company want to make sure everyone has a possibility to securely inform us about possible misconducts in our operations. Of course we would be happy to hear about these openly - personnel reaching to their supervisors and other shareholders reaching our customer service. However we do recognize that the treshold for reporting about these type of things can be quite high. To help you over said treshold we offer a trusted third-party operated whistleblowing channel you can use even anonymously if needed.

The channel is meant to be used by our personnel and customers as well as by our other shareholders. You can file a report even based on just a suspicion of a misconduct and without proper evidence as long as you are reporting it with good intentions and honesty. You can file a report on SATO's personnel or the company or any misconduct (or suspicion of such) targeted at the society or the environment.

Protecting both the infomant and the target

  • If the report on illegal or unethical actions has been filled out in an earnest manner, we pledge to protect the informant despite the subject of the report or weather the report is found accurate or not.
  • We pledge to treat the target of the report as not guilty until proven otherwise both during and after the investigation (if the report turns out to be unfounded).
  • Protecting in this instance also means prohibiting counteractions such as weakening the labor agreement of either the informant or the target, harassing them, hampering their career or abusing the rights of management.

You can fill out the whistleblowing report anonymously. Should you include information of yourself or the person targeted in the report, we are going to handle the information solely to identify and examine unethical or illegal actions as well as to aid and follow up the possible preliminary and ongoing investigations by the authorities.

Fill in whistleblowing report

Moderating the channel

The channel is upheld by a Finnish third-party operator Juuriharja Consulting Group Oy. The reporting procedure is secured and the user interface is password protected. The whistleblowing team handling the reports consists of a lawyer in charge of SATO's compliance, SATO's Director of Human Resources, and an internal inspector. In some cases the team might need outside help. All the participants of the investigation are committed to handling every report confidentially.

Data protection of the whistleblowing channel