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Recruitment process at SATO

Our value human for human guides our recruitment process and we value the time and effort of every applicant.

The application period for open positions is usually approximately 1 to 3 weeks. We will contact all applicants at the latest after the end of the application period and inform about the continuation of the process. At the end of the application period, we will invite the selected persons to the first discussion, which will be held remotely or at the office. Those who do not make it to the next round will also be informed via e-mail within about a week of the end of the application period.

There are usually two rounds of discussions and after the first one we make the selections for the second round. Before the second discussion, the applicants do a short suitability assessment, which evaluates, among other things, work-related value and motivation factors, natural behavior and natural abilities. We always review the results of the suitability assessment with the applicant.

After the second round, we will notify all remaining applicants of our decision by phone. We’ll offer the job to the selected person and agree on the start of work.