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23 November 2023

SATO's holiday gift policy

We are determined to operate ethically and avoid any situations that might jeopardise our independence or the independence of any other actor. We will not accept Christmas gifts in business relations and will return any gifts received to the sender.

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20 November 2023

Inside information: Share issue

We are planning a share issue of up to EUR 200 million to strenghten our equity ratio. The share issue gives us the opportunity to use more financing options. The share issue is supported by SATO's main shareholder Balder Finska Otas Ab.

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14 November 2023

We are improving the Kide range of bathroom furniture

November will see SATO’s Kide range complemented by an updated range designed specifically for construction companies and for customers in the consumer market who want to use design products that will stand the test of time and are sustainably designed in the bathroom.

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Finding the right home

From our some 25,000 rental apartments you will easily find a SATO RentHome fit for your needs. Take a browse on house seeker's FAQ and you are on your way home!

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Customer benefits

When you rent a home from SATO, you will receive many benefits and services that will save you money, make your everyday life easier and provide you with fun for your leisure time.

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