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Rent payment information for SATOhomes will change on 1 Apr, 2023

As of 1 April, 2023, our partner Ropo Capital Oy will be responsible for sending our invoices, processing payments and customer service related to payments.

Due to this change, the bank account number and reference number for rent payments will change. Customers have been notified of the change in their payment information with a customer bulletin and new rent payment form sent by mail on 3 March, 2023. However, please pay the March rent using the old payment information.

Please note that SATO or Ropo Capital Oy never send rent payment information by text message.

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SATON asukkaat Aleksandra ja Ertugrul ripustavat abstraktia pastellisävyistä taulua uuden kodin seinälle

17 February 2023

Brand new Sustainability report is here

”As one of Finland’s largest rental housing providers we can have a significant impact on sustainable housing”, says CEO Antti Aarnio.

SATO’s ninth consecutive sustainability report, which is prepared in accordance with the GRI guidelines, reports our sustainability work during the year 2022.

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15 February 2023

We've got a 'Great Place to Work' certificate

Great Place to Work certification™ is a recognition for excellent employee experience, trust based work culture, and commitment in building a good workplace.

85 % of our personnel sees SATO in whole as a very good workplace. Based on the personnel input the strengths of SATO are equality, leadership, and caring for employees' wellbeing.

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10 February 2023

Financial statements 2022: Improved customer satisfaction strengthened customer retention

Antti Aarnio, CEO: "Despite the economic uncertainty, there is demand for rental apartments in Finland, and the urbanisation trend continues. We continued to develop the customer experience at SATO during the year. Our tenant turnover for the reporting year fell and our customer satisfaction improved."

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Finding the right home

From our some 25,000 rental apartments you will easily find a SATO RentHome fit for your needs. Take a browse on house seeker's FAQ and you are on your way home!

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Tummaihoinen iloinen nainen leikkii pihalla lapsensa kanssa. Lapsella on valkoinen pipo päässä ja naisella marjapuuronpunainen neuletakki yllä. Taustalla vasemmalla keltainen SATO talomestarin auto.

Customer benefits

When you rent a home from SATO, you will receive many benefits and services that will save you money, make your everyday life easier and provide you with fun for your leisure time.

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