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When you are the first resident of a new home, the rental apartments feels instantly like your own. Architects and engineers have new SATOhomes on their drawing desks regularly, and we are steadily planning renovations on our older houses. And it is not uncommon for us to take part in plotting whole new neighborhoods. When that happens, those plans are also gathered here.

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Espoo, Vermonniitty, Runoratsunkatu 15

SATO is developing non-subsidised rental homes in Runoratsunkatu street in the Espoo district of Vermonniitty. The property will consist of 135 rental homes in a 16-storey tower block.

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Helsinki, Veräjämäki - Jokiniementie 46 and 48

SATO is developing non-subsidised rental homes on Jokiniementie street in the the Helsinki district of Oulunkylä, in the ‘Wise Mobility City Block’ uniquely situated at the intersection of the Jokeri Light Rail line and the main railway line. SATO will have 222 rental homes of varying sizes as well as three business units on the block.

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Espoo, Karakallio - Kotkatie 6

SATO is developing non-subsidised rental homes in Kotkatie street in the Espoo district of Karakallio. The property will consist of 100 new rental homes on a lot owned by the housing company. On the same block, there are already two apartment buildings dating to 1965 and having a total of 121 SATO rental homes.

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Vantaa, Keimolanmäki - Lincolninaukio 4

SATO is developing new non-subsidised rental homes in the Vantaa district of Keimolanmäki at Lincolninaukio 4. The property will have two staircase sections, eight storeys and a total of 159 homes.

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Tampere, Hervantajärvi - Heittoniitynkuja 5

SATO is developing 132 new RentHomes the up-and-coming Hervantajärvi area, close to the terminus of the Tampere Tramway.

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Helsinki, Etelä-Haaga - Ansaritie 1 A

Etelä-Haaga Kultareuna - Safe haven in the middle of the city. This well-maintained apartment complex is located in a park-like, quiet so-called Pohjola region. Houses located on a green hillside have cozy and bright homes. Apart from the 28m2 studios, the apartments have balconies. In addition to rental apartments, there are also condominiums in the destination.

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Helsinki, Pitäjänmäki - Piispantie 5

On Piispantie, you can extend your life into the common courtyard. Pitäjänmäki is suitable for many lifestyles: comprehensive services and hobby opportunities can be found in close proximity.

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Helsinki, Etu-Töölö, Mechelininkatu 12-14

You will be welcomed by a splendid hand-painted staircase when you enter this Töölö functionalist-style building. The solid stone building was completed in 1932 and boasts a genuine Töölö atmosphere. The higher floors have views extending all the way over the sea, and the lift provides easy access to your floor.

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Helsinki, Etelä-Haaga - Ansaritie 3

Ansaritie 3 belongs to Etelä-Haaga Kultareuna housing company. The green park views of Etelä Haaga open up from this soon fully renovated housing complex. The site's renovation will be completed in early summer 2023.

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Vantaa, Martinlaakso, Raiviosuonmäki 3

Built with plenty of space between buildings, Martinlaakso is a district undergoing renewal and famous for its leafy areas for outdoor recreation as well as good transport links.

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Helsinki, Pohjois-Haaga - Näyttelijäntie 24

Pohjois-Haaga is a green and established neighbourhood with wonderful opportunities for outdoor pursuits and sports. Situated in a quiet neighbourhood, this property consists of four pleasant brick-facade apartment buildings on a spacious lot.

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Helsinki, Etelä-Haaga - Ansaritie 2-4

Etelä Haaga is cozy and green. Daily services, schools and kindergartens are all located within walking distance, and versatile transport connections guarantee access to more comprehensive services as well. Take a look at the SATO RentHomes at Ansaritie 2-4, which will be completed after a basic renovation at the end of 2023.

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Tampere, Hervantajärvi - As. Oy Hervantajärven Helmi

SATO is developing nearly 200 rental and part-ownership homes in the up-and-coming Hervantajärvi area, close to the terminus of the Tampere Tramway. The property under construction will feature 52 SATO FlexHome part-ownership homes and 132 new rental homes.

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