Heittoniitynkuja 7, ­Hervantajärvi, Tampere

Great transport connections and sustainable solutions

SATO is developing 52 SATO FlexHome part-ownership homes in the up-and-coming Hervantajärvi area, close to the terminus of the Tampere Tramway.

SATO is developing nearly 200 rental and part-ownership homes in the up-and-coming Hervantajärvi area, close to the terminus of the Tampere Tramway. The property under construction will feature 52 SATO FlexHome part-ownership homes and 132 new rental homes.

Energy-efficient, flexible living at its best

In SATO FlexHomes, the period of renting is shorter than in traditional part-ownership models, only five years, after which the resident can decide to acquire the home in full at the original selling price. Alternatively, they may choose to sell the home back to SATO and continue living there as a tenant.

The design of the buildings caters for energy efficiency and sustainable building solutions that will last for decades to come. The choice of heating for the buildings is geothermal heat, which makes use of energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heat reduces carbon dioxide emissions and also has an additional advantage in that it may be used for cooling as well. A solar power system producing renewable energy will also be implemented as part of the project in rental home.

Sustainable choices and comfort close to nature

Sustainability has also been taken into account with regard to mobility. All parking spaces will be installed with infrastructure in readiness for electric car charging. There are also plans to make shared cars available to the residents of the entire block.

Every home will feature a glassed-in balcony and some of the ground floor units will also have a terrace. The buildings will have sauna and club facilities and laundry and drying rooms for the common use of all residents along with a wide range of storage facilities including individual storage units for each apartment and shared bicycle storage.

Heittoniitynkuja 7

Take the tram directly to the center of Tampere

Hervantajärvi is located 12 km from the centre of Tampere and around 2 km from the district of Hervanta, which is home to around 25,000 residents. Hervantajärvi is roughly 20 minutes from the centre of Tampere by car or tram. The Tampere Tramway has its terminus in Hervantajärvi. The Hervantajärvi area will see intense development in the next few years. The residential blocks in the area will centre on an urban park and the entire residential area is surrounded by a wide forested recreational area that offers fabulous opportunities for outdoor pursuits.

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Construction work began in summer 2021 and the homes will be move-in ready in January 2022. Apartments are now available for applying on the Find a Home page.

What is SATO FlexHome?

SATO FlexHome is a new form of part ownership where you get access to an urban home of your dreams with 15 percent of the selling price as soon as you've signed the contract. During the five years of part ownership, you will pay SATO's part ownership rent, a rent that is below the market level for your home. After five years of part ownership, you can purchase your home in full. You can also sell your share back to SATO and either move out or continue living in your familiar home, renting it from us under a lease agreement. If your life situation or mind changes during that period, we undertake to buy your share back at the original price, less 1 % per each year of residence.

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Pay only 15 % of the full selling price and move in to your own home

When you purchase your SATO FlexHome in full at the end of the part-ownership period, you will benefit nicely from any increase in its value as the purhase price will be the original price excluding company loans. On the other hand, if you love the apartment but a larger bank loan is still not the thing for you after the five-year period, you can choose to continue living in your home as a SATO RentHome resident, provided that you have taken care of all of your obligations during your period of residence.

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Real estate information

Heittoniitynkuja 7, Hervantajärvi, Tampere

Apartment count

Building count

Apartment types
Studio 14 units
1br 14 units
2br 15 units
3br 9 units

Elevator Yes

Estimated time of completion
December 2022

Smoke free

Geothermal heating

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Completely new apartment, own balcony and additional space in a form of an alcove. Check out the available SATO FlexHomes at Hervantajärven Helmi.

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