5 genuinely good reasons to choose rental housing

The ups and downs of the rental housing market and the interest rate hikes have increased the popularity of rental homes even further. And, of course, a rental home is a great choice for those who value safety, convenience and freedom in their housing.

We spoke to two happy SATO rental home residents about what made them opt for renting a home rather than buying one. Based on things pointed out by Ari and Magdalena, we listed 5 genuinely good reasons why it is a good idea to rent a home.

1. Rental home = housing made easy

“We sold our house because we wanted to make our lives easier,” says Ari Yli-Piipari. This is the fourth year that Ari, a banking and real estate professional, is living in a rental home in Ratina, Tampere, with his wife, Anu Lahti.
“Here the snow removal, lawnmowing and maintenance tasks are done by someone else. All we need to take care of is making sure we keep our place neat and tidy,” says Ari, summarising the ease of rental housing.

Ease and convenience are some of the best aspects of renting a home. Things get sorted out and there is always help at hand, which makes life hassle free with regard to housing.

“If something needs fixing, all you need to do is report it and it gets sorted. That’s brilliant!” says early childhood education teacher Magdalena Telka. Magdalena lives in a SATOhome in Myllypuro, Helsinki, with her Doberman mix called Taika.

“It makes your everyday life so much easier when someone takes care of things for you,” she says.

A laughing dark haired girl with a curious dog on a snowy yard.
Taika the dog loves the walking routes available for her and Magdalena in Myllypuro.

2. In a rental home there is more time for the things you really love

When maintenance and upkeep tasks are taken care of by competent professionals, the renter gets to spend more time doing what they really enjoy.

“Now that we no longer have a house in the city that we need to look after, we have loads more time to do things at our cabin,” says Ari. “We never need to think that we should go back to the city to take care of this or that.”

For Magdalena, renting a home enables her to pursue her interests and be creative at home – in her private art room. She managed to find an affordable two-bedroom home where she has dedicated one room entirely to dancing, painting and making music.

“An art room has been my dream for ages. At first, I thought that I may be able make that a reality one day if I own a home. I’m so glad that renting a home has already made it possible for me today,” Magdalena says.

3. Freedom to plan the future

“I have no idea what we may be doing when we grow up, you see,” says Ari, laughing. “Whether we might move to our cabin full time or perhaps somewhere warm like Spain. A rental home is great in that it’s easy to move in and also to move out once your plans are clear. All you need to do is to let the rental housing provider know that you’re done living there!”

That really is how it works: A rental home enables even rapid life changes and bold plans for the future. A notification is enough and, in most cases, you can leave your rental home at a short notice. While a homeowner would have to consider how long it takes for them to sell their home, a renter has greater freedom to fulfil their dreams without having to worry about any turmoil in the housing and interest rate markets.

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4. Safety and stability for your everyday life

A life without surprises might appear a bit boring or unattractive. But for the renter that means safety and being sure that there will not be any unexpected costs or renovation needs affecting your life and finances. You usually know your rent for one year ahead and if the fridge breaks down you will not have to take care of fixing it.

“If a pipe bursts in an owner-occupied building, the owners will have to contribute to the repairs. As a renter, you’re free from any major unexpected costs,” says Magdalena.

A middle-aged couple in their home with two little dogs - one on the floor on its back, the other one under the chair.
In Anu and Ari’s beautiful home it is their pets that provide the surprises.

“Rental homes are also regularly looked after, which minimises the risk of any unexpected problems,” Ari points out. “When you own a home you may be inclined to try and save on some maintenance work, which means you may postpone some for a bit too long,” he continues.

When renting a home from a large provider, you do not need to worry about your home being sold all of sudden and you having to move out. This is another aspect making your life stable and safe.

A rental home is carefree also when electricity prices fluctuate 

5. Home in a prime location

Location is often one of the most important criteria when choosing a home. Many want to live by a lake or the sea, while others prefer to be in the heart of the city, close to all the action and services.

Renting a home enables you to live exactly where you feel most at home – and you will not need to save up for years to achieve it. There are new properties being constructed in prime urban locations, with their shiny new doors open to anyone.

“Our first SATOhome was on floor 8, with views over the whole of Lake Pyhäjärvi. The apartment was lovely and the location and views fantastic!” says Ari.

“Based on our experience with three SATO homes, I can say that they’re amazingly easy to live in, there are loads of alternatives and the locations have been brilliant. Everything’s been just fantastic for us,” Ari sums up his successful career as a renter.