How to cool down your home during summer




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The summer heat wave can be unbearable for many and when you can’t escape it in your own home, it’s time to battle the heat with cooling tips. We listed different means to cool down your home. Take these tips with you!
Blinds and curtains to the rescue

Even when it’s beautiful outside, you should draw the blinds and curtains in order to avoid heat. Keep your windows closed especially during the hottest periods. Turn your blinds to up-position so they can block sunrays. If you can’t sleep due to the bright nights, you should try darkening curtains. They will darken the room but also block the heat coming from the outside.

Let the fresh and cooler air come inside during the morning and night, when the temperature has dropped down. Put the fan against the open window in order to get the cool air circulating in the room. You may try to locate the fan near the open door too, since it will help you get rid of the hot air. Use the turning mode in your fan and don’t be in the front of it, so you don’t end up having a sore throat.

Draw the blinds and curtains even when the sun isn’t shining directly into the windows.

If you happen to have a fan equipped with a water container, remember to empty it occasionally. When you move the fan around, be careful so that the water doesn’t drip on the floor and cause a water damage.

Is it unbearably hot and none of these tips seem to be helping? Contact our customer service via OmaSATO! Please note, if your home building does not have a mechanical cooling system, the maintenance company is not able to help you a lot. If the temperature of your SATOhome constantly rises over 32 celsius, please contact the Service Manager.

Prefer cooling materials

You can battle this heat with the right textiles. Flax, cotton and percale are natural materials that feel cool against the skin. Natural materials are perfect as bed sheets, blankets and pillows.

For an example cotton percale is tightly knit and sturdy, so it doesn’t stick to your skin when you wear it. Flax absorbs humidity and transfers heat, so it won’t make you sweat while you sleep. If natural materials can’t help you as they are, you could make them colder by placing the pillowcases and sheets into the freezer for a while.

If you find it difficult to sleep during the bright nights, you should consider hanging darkening curtains in your bedroom window.

During the hottest days you may need to switch your clothing for natural materials as well since artificial fibres can’t absorb the humidity and cause you to sweat.

Remember to cool down your pet as well

Pets can also suffer from this hot weather. Look for a shaded spot to put your pet’s bed in. You may try a cooling mat for your pet too. Don’t forget to fill up the water bowl and when you are out for a longer period of time, make sure, your pet has access to fresh water. An automated water dispenser is a good option when your pet is alone. You could also make your pet feel better with a cold towel: moisten the towel with cold water and place it over your pet.

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It can be too hot for the pet too!

Things that make your home warmer:

  • Electric devices such as television and computer if they are on all the time.

  • Steam from the shower, so close the bathroom door!

  • Sauna and hot, long showers.

  • Using the oven.

At least remember these:

  • Ventilate your home during mornings and nights.

  • Prefer natural materials that won’t make you sweat.

  • Remember to take care of your pet.

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