Resident’s checklist: Ensuring healthy indoor air

We gathered nine easy tips to help you keep your home in check and prevent indoor air problems.

In addition to the technical maintenance of the building, the way you live also has a great impact on your home’s condition and housing health. These tips will help you take good care of your home:

How to prevent humidity in rental apartment
  1. Always keep the wall or window air valves open to ensure a sufficient supply of fresh air.
  2. Clean your home regularly and also vacuum the ventilation valves. However, do not change the valve settings.
  3. Do not cover radiators or thermostats with furniture or curtains.
  4. Keep the range hood grease filters clean.
  5. After taking a shower, dry the floor using a squeegee, for example. You can also reduce moisture build-up by lowering the temperature of the shower water.
  6. If your apartment has a mechanical ventilation booster switch, use it every time after a shower or a sauna session to speed up the removal of moisture.
  7. Dry your laundry preferably in the drying room or outside; otherwise remember to air the apartment out after drying.
  8. Do a quick 15 minutes cross-draught after taking a long shower, washing the floors, or drying small laundry.
  9. Contact us without delay if you notice that your apartment’s windows mist up, for example. That could be a sign of poor ventilation.

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