75-year-old SATO renewed through innovation

10 September 2015

Housing company SATO is celebrating its 75th anniversary today. The secret behind the company’s long prosperity lies within the passion towards improving housing, and the skilled personnel willing to commit to SATO and its goals. SATO has successfully transformed from a strong housing developer of the post war era to one of the biggest rental home providers in Finland.

SATO’s innovativity has been recognised over the years not only by customers but also by those evaluating the sector. The latest acknowledgement is the selection of SATO's operating model for the Global Real Estate Sustainability Benchmark (GRESB) Insights list of best practices. The inclusion of personnel and young people in particular in the development of the new SATO StudioHome concept was regarded as a good example for others.

SATO’s CEO Erkka Valkila:

- Our innovation arises from the need to develop small and large reforms at a fast pace. Innovation has a highly motivational impact on our personnel’s work.

- SATO StudioHome – the most visible one of our recent developments – has also gained a lot of publicity in Finland. We’ve kept our finger on the pulse and responded to the need for affordable housing. We hope we’ll soon be able to construct the first SATO StudioHome building in Martinlaakso, Vantaa.

SATO in GRESB Insights: https://www.gresb.com/insights/2015/09/2793-1/

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Erkka Valkila, CEO, phone +358 201 34 4001 or +358 50 62 050