79 new rental homes for SATO in Kirkkonummi

10 December 2020

SATO, one of the leading rental housing providers in Finland, is developing 79 rental homes in the area of Vesitorninmäki close to the centre of Kirkkonummi. Construction started in November 2020 and the homes will be ready for their new residents in spring 2022. Heating for the property comes from geothermal heat, in addition to which solar energy will be utilised to produce real estate electricity.

SATO signed the construction contract on the property Jokiniityntie 28 with the company TNRak Oy on 4 November 2020. A total of 79 rental homes, ranging in size from efficient studios to larger family homes, will be built on this lot owned by the housing company.

The Vesitorninmäki area is located east of the commercial centre of Kirkkonummi and Kirkkonummentie street. Towards the city centre, the area borders on Kirkkonummi sports park. The Matkakeskus transport hub is only around 1 km away from the new residential blocks planned for Vesitorninmäki. Organically linked with the existing population centre, the Vesitorninmäki area has good access both to city centre amenities and wooded recreational and outdoor exercise areas. The area will provide homes for around 800–900 new residents. The new residential blocks as well as their architecture and environs are set to shape the urban landscape and feel of central Kirkkonummi.

The chosen heating solution for the property is geothermal heat, which makes use of solar energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heat reduces carbon dioxide emissions. Another advantage of geothermal heat, especially in light of global warming, is that it can also be used for cooling. The property will be carbon neutral in use when renewable electricity is used alongside geothermal heat. SATO aims to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030 in respect of carbon dioxide emissions relating to energy use at properties. The greatest potential for emissions reduction can be found in heating.

”As a part of all our modernisation and new-build projects, we determine if geothermal energy is an option – this is in line with the aims of our Sustainability Programme,” says Antti Aarnio, Vice President of Investments at SATO.

“Energy efficiency and construction solutions that will remain sustainable for decades to come have been taken into account in the design of the building,” Aarnio adds.

The exteriors of the building will for the most part be laid in brick on site, in keeping with lifecycle sustainability, while car parking will be provided at ground level in keeping with carbon neutrality. The property will also feature charging points for electric cars. The efficient design of the homes and common areas serves to reduce the building’s energy consumption and improve its carbon footprint. Each home will be equipped with a glassed-in balcony or ground-level terrace. The buildings will also have sauna facilities, clubroom, laundry room and drying room for all residents to share as well as diverse storage facilities including private storage lockers for each home and bicycle rooms.

Part of the wider Helsinki region, Kirkkonummi is a town of nearly 40,000 in western Uusimaa. Around 16% of its population are Swedish-speakers. Kirkkonummi is a growing town that features not only services and recreational opportunities but also rural landscapes, sea views and beautiful nature. The coastal train service from Helsinki to Turku passes via the key areas of Kirkkonummi.

For more information please contact:
SATO Corporation, Antti Aarnio, Vice President of Investments, p. +358 40 164 7052, antti.aarnio@sato.fi