Carbon neutral cities and thriving communities at the forefront of SATO's Sustainability Program

27 September 2019

The Sustainability Program of one of Finland's largest lessors, SATO, which was published today, emphasises carbon neutral cities and the well-being of residents and communities. The Sustainability Program, which covers the objectives and actions for 2019-2022, is based on an analysis of those areas of sustainability that were identified with different stakeholders as being of importance.

SATO has prioritised sustainability for many years now, basing its work on its sustainability policy and environmental program, among other things. We are now taking our corporate sustainability agenda comprehensively further under this program,” says Miia Eloranta, Director at SATO with responsibility for sustainability.

SATO's Sustainability Program has been developed through listening to the views of stakeholders, such as residents and various partners. According to Eloranta, carbon-neutral cities and thriving residents and communities are natural priorities in the program due to the very nature of the industry. In addition, carbon neutrality and the well-being of people in communities are priorities of many important partners, such as cities.

“Housing is one of the largest sources of our greenhouse gases. Most of this carbon footprint comes from heating, which we can help reduce by improving the energy efficiency of our homes. We also take into consideration the carbon footprint accumulated during the entire life cycle of houses in our construction and repair activities. Another important issue is the carbon footprint from waste, and it is our mission to ensure that our buildings have recycling opportunities. In addition, we support our residents in making sustainable choices in their daily lives,” says Eloranta.

According to Eloranta, the well-being of residents and communities are also a natural overarching theme for SATO. This includes housing security and housing health, promoting healthy community living and working with cities to prevent segregation.

The sustainability program for 2019-2022 and its objectives are published at

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