Another eight SATO home buildings now listed as more sustainable choices

14 December 2023

Ansaritie 1 A in Helsinki

Eight fully renovated SATO home buildings have been accepted to the (Buy Sustainably) website listing more sustainable choices. SATO is so far the only rental housing operator included on the list.

More SATO rental homes were selected in October 2023 for the sustainable buying website The properties now added to the list of more sustainable choices are eight SATO home buildings in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area that underwent major renovations in 2022–2023:

  • Ansaritie 1 A and 2–4 (Etelä-Haaga, Helsinki)

  • Graniittitie 8 and 13 (Pihlajamäki, Helsinki)

  • Kannelkuja 6 (Itä-Hakkila, Helsinki)

  • Piispantie 3 and 5, Helsinki
    Rikhard Nymanintie 3 (Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki)

  • Porttikuja 11 (Kontula, Helsinki).

SATO now has a total of 14 home buildings ranked as more sustainable choices by an independent Sustainability Panel. The first six properties, all of them new SATO buildings completed in 2022–2023, were accepted to the list in autumn 2022:

  • Lupajantie 2 (Mellunkylä, Helsinki)

  • Jokiniityntie 28 (Kirkkonummi)

  • Lincolninaukio 4 (Keimola, Vantaa)

  • Kotkatie 6 (Karakallio, Espoo)

  • Jokiniementie 46 and 48 (Veräjämäki, Helsinki).

The selections for the website are made by an independent Sustainability Panel consisting of experts in sustainable production and consumption. The panel assesses the product or service from the perspective of relative sustainability, which means the products and services listed on the site are more sustainable choices than the alternatives available.

“We at SATO are committed to promoting sustainable and responsible rental housing. The inclusion of the SATO homes on the sustainable buying website is proof of us having managed to make sustainable choices and our customers being able to make informed and sustainable decisions when selecting a home. For us, this means not only our buildings being energy efficient and having long lifespans but also us enabling a sustainable lifestyle for our residents in homes that have access to good public transport connections and services,” says Arto Aalto, Executive Vice President, Investments, SATO.

Renovations improved energy class and extended useful life of buildings

SATO’s target for major renovations is to improve the energy efficiency of the property by at least 30%. The energy efficiency of the renovated home buildings now accepted to the site improved in line with the target, with their energy ratings (A–G) now two classes higher than before. The renovations extended the useful life of the residential buildings and enabled the safe future use of the properties. The renovations of the home buildings now assessed involved a switch to geothermal heat and improved ventilation and the introduction of heat recovery systems.

According to Arto Aalto, the homes also received remotely read apartment-specific water meters for monitoring water consumption and enabling the early detection of any leaks. Water fittings and dishwashers were also replaced with ones that are more energy efficient and save water.

Sustainability assessment takes account of enabling sustainable lifestyle

The sustainability designers of Infine, the company maintaining the website, conduct a sustainability assessment on each of the products and services seeking inclusion on the site. A Sustainability Panel consisting of the best experts in sustainable production and consumption then evaluates whether the product or service is a better choice than the alternatives available.

The sustainability assessment of the SATO home buildings ranked as more sustainable choices covered aspects including the sustainable use of the building, and how solutions relating to the use and maintenance of the building enable a more sustainable lifestyle for residents.

“The sustainability assessment also provides us with feedback regarding in which aspects we’re leading the way, in which aspects we’re at the basic level and in which we still have room for improvement. This gives us valuable insights for the development of our sustainability actions,” says SATO Sustainability Manager Jenni Rantanen.

For more information about SATO’s renovation and new construction activity, please contact:
Arto Aalto, Executive Vice President, Investments,, phone: +358 201 344 392

For more information about SATO’s sustainability actions, please contact:
Jenni Rantanen, Sustainability Manager,, phone +358 20 1344 270