Faster broadband access for SATO homes – SATO and Telia stepping up their cooperation

22 February 2022

SATO rental homes will get faster broadband access during spring 2022, with the speed included in the rent increasing to 50 Mbps. Some SATO rental homes will even be able to access free housing company broadband at up to 100 Mbps.

One of Finland’s largest rental housing providers SATO and communication services company Telia have been cooperating with each other since 2005 and together provide services that make residents’ everyday lives smoother. The around 24,000 SATO rental homes in properties connected to the Telia fibre-optic network currently feature Telia’s 10/10 Mbps broadband and cable TV service accessible by residents free of charge. This spring will see even speedier broadband connections for these SATO homes.

”We provide our residents with easy and carefree urban rental housing. We want our residents to enjoy their SATO home: fast and reliable broadband makes working and studying at home smooth and provides easy access to entertainment contents. The importance of high-speed broadband has been particularly obvious to many of our residents during the COVID-19 pandemic as they have been spending more time at home. We’re now providing our residents with even faster free broadband together with Telia,” says SATO Chief Commercial Officer Janne Ojalehto.

“For many people, a modern high-speed internet connection is an important criterion when selecting a home. I’m glad that the next step in the long-term cooperation between SATO and Telia is that we’re now able to provide people living in SATO homes with even better broadband services and that way also even better residential comfort. I believe that our broad range of internet and entertainment services makes SATO homes an attractive housing alternative for many resident categories,” says Petteri Hernelahti, Head of Broadband at Telia.

The changes in the basic broadband speed will be deployed one property at a time, with the first homes already receiving faster broadband in early 2022. Residents of all SATO rental homes connected to the Telia fibre-optic network will have access to broadband at 50 Mbps free of charge by 31 May. The cooperation between SATO and Telia also enables inexpensive rates for extra speeds and services for SATO customers. Housing company broadband at up to 1,000 Mbps will be available for some SATO homes.

Access to 100 Mbps broadband included in the rent will be installed for the following SATO rental homes during spring 2022: Atlantinkatu 12, Jätkäsaari_, Helsinki; Juhani_ Ahon tie 12-14, Eira, Helsinki and Tahkonkuja 1 E, Kupittaa_, Turku_.

SATO residents will receive instructions on how to start using the faster broadband once the connection is available in their home building.

*Applies to more than 24,000 rental homes with SATO ownership exceeding 50% and located in properties connected to the Telia fibre-optic network

For media enquiries, please contact:

SATO Corporation, Janne Ojalehto, Chief Commercial Officer, phone +358 50 5004310,

Telia Communications, phone +358 2040 54000,
Telia, Petteri Hernelahti, Head of Broadband, phone +358 40 3026 666

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