Good customer service awarded by SATO

22 December 2015

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| SATO Partner of the Year 2015, RaSaKo Oy, takes residents into account in every situation SATO has selected the repair construction company RaSaKo Oy as SATO Partner of the Year 2015. RaSaKo is one of the contractors for SATO’s apartment renovations. President and CEO Saku Sipola from SATO: - Taking customers into consideration is a top priority for us in our operations as well as when selecting partners. RaSaKo has proven to be doubly skilled as it takes care of customer relations with us at SATO as well as our residents with great care and responsibility. - This is already the 11th time SATO has given the Partner of the Year Award. With the award we want to encourage good players to develop their work even further and pay particular attention to smart practices and attitudes. Managing Director Sami Sandstedt from RaSaKo: - RaSaKo employees would like to thank SATO for this important recognition and are determined to continue to provide quality construction services in the future as well. We’re proud of our work and together we’re strong! From left: Saku Sipola and Eine Junnilainen from SATO, Sami Sandstedt from RaSaKo, Yaron Nadbornik from SATO with Jani Ikonen and Mari Kantola from RaSaKo. For more information please contact: Saku Sipola, President and CEO phone +358 201 34 4001 or +358 40 551 5953 Yaron Nadbornik, Head of Purchasing phone +358 201 34 4278 or +358 50 374 6817 |