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9 March 2016

SATO participates in the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 9th March 2016 at 3:00 pm

SATO participates in the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign to reach those looking for employment in the summer and give them opportunities to get to know the housing investment sector. The campaign provides SATO with diverse tools for the induction and training of young employees. It also reminds us as an employer as well as the summer employees of the importance of the basics of employment relationships - the employment contract, wages and certificate of employment.

President and CEO Saku Sipola from SATO:

- Offering a summer job is a great way for us to introduce ourselves to a young person who most likely is yet to have certainty of their future career choice. We're hoping our summer employees will get the spark for a career in the housing sector - particularly as they'll be inspired by SATO staff who are passionate about their work.

Human Resources Manager Anne-Marie Ruohonen from SATO:

- Through the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign we're looking for students of real estate economics, law, business and economics, or technology who are aged 18 or over, have a positive mindset and are keen to learn. We offer a fun, friendly and professional workplace community that is also keen on learning, comprehensive induction and support for work and, of course, a great insight into the world of housing.

- As in previous years, we're also offering summer jobs looking after the outdoor areas of SATO properties particularly to 16-18-year-olds living in SATO buildings. A separate recruitment process will be organised for these jobs in separately determined areas in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Oulu and Tampere.

Submit your summer job application to SATO no later than on 31 March at
Remember to enter "Summer Job 2016" in the job title field of the application form.

Read more about the Responsible Summer Job 2016 campaign at www.kesaduuni.org.

For more information please contact:

Saku Sipola, President and CEO
phone +358 201 34 4001 or +358 40 551 5953
Anne-Marie Ruohonen, Human Resources Manager
phone +358 201 34 4246 or +358 40 673 6445



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