Living in a SATO home made into music

15 February 2017

SATO Corporation, Press release, 15th Feb 2017 at 9:35 am

Photo: Juho Paavola

What does a SATO rental home sound like? You will find out when listening to the brand song newly tailored for SATO.

Themed on the lovely imperfection of life, the music video to the song features people carrying moving boxes, treating a neighbour to pastries, giggling on a sofa, checking wallpaper samples on the wall - all those things you do in a normal, happy home. At the core of it all is a place where it is good for you to be.

The song was made for SATO by the seasoned songwriters Lilli Loiri-Seppä and Jarkko Meretniemi, the House Writers of the Fried Music publishing company. SATO's advertising concept and slogan 'Let life happen' were created by Loiri-Seppä, whose day job is as copywriter with Folk advertising agency, and her design partner Paula Orre.

- As always when writing songs, we aimed to tell people about a world that we personally believe in, Loiri-Seppä says.

The world Meretniemi and Loiri-Seppä are talking about is more hopeful than the one seen in the news. In the SATO song this philosophy is combined with the duo's thoughts about rental housing.

- The sweetest thing is to get to do advertising and marketing communications with a meaning. Renting is the smartest housing option right now when so many people's jobs are here today and somewhere else tomorrow, Loiri-Seppä says.

Both of the songwriters also happen to have experience of SATO as a resident. Loiri-Seppä members how impossible it was looking for her family with three kids and a dog to find a home for the duration of the building's plumbing system renovation as the entire suburb was undergoing renovation.

- Eventually I called SATO. My call was answered by someone called Airi who said that I could stop worrying about that there and then. She said she'd take care of it, and she did, says Loiri-Seppä with a smile.

- That's the SATO I want to tell people about. There's always an Airi looking after you.

Listen to "Anna elämän viedä" (Let Life Happen):

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