Recycling home appliances - SATO promotes circular economy in the building sector

10 September 2018

From now on, SATO will donate the used home appliances from all of its buildings undergoing renovation to the Reuse Centre. By recycling home appliances, SATO wants to ensure the recovery of all good and re-usable material and the sorting and sustainable further processing of any waste fractions. 

According to the Reuse Centre's estimate, the materials recovery of home appliances and other household items has saved around 445 tonnes of solid natural resources. The savings in solid natural resources means the amount that would be required to manufacture corresponding products.

"We first tried out the recycling of disposed items from our renovation sites with the Reuse Centre in the context of the renovation of one building. Continuous cooperation helps us genuinely promote the circular economy in the building sector and save natural resources," says Arto Aalto, Director, Planning and Project Execution, from SATO.

So far, around 230 functioning home appliances, such as fridges, ovens and washing machines, have found a new home after having been removed from three properties emptied for renovation. In addition to home appliances, bicycles and baby pushchairs left at renovated properties have been recycled.

The Reuse Centre cleans and services the appliances at its electronics workshops, and the serviced appliances are taken to a Reuse Centre shop to be sold. As regards broken appliances, components usable as spare parts are recovered for use in the repair of other appliances. Broken items are ultimately taken to Stena Recycling's electrical and electronic equipment recycling facility.

"It's important for us to be able to enable a sustainable lifestyle and sustainability of natural resources together with SATO," says Store Manager Jani Sintonen from Helsinki Metropolitan Area Reuse Centre Ltd.

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Arto Aalto, Director, phone: +358 201 34 4392