SATO Corporation´s Financial Statements and the Annual Report 2020 published

11 February 2021

SATO Corporation, Stock exchange release February 11, 2020 at 9:15 am

SATO Corporation has today published Financial Statements and the Annual Report 2020 as well as the Corporate Governance Statement 2020.

The Annual Report contains the Report by the Board of Directors and the Financial Statements 2020. For the first time, the Financial Statements are published in accordance with the European Single Electronic Format (ESEF) reporting requirements. The format is Extensible Hypertext Markup Language (XHTML), and the primary statements have been labelled with XBRL tags.

The publications are attached to this release and the Financial Statements as an XHTML file. The publications are also found at the company website,

**Additional information
**CEO Antti Aarnio, tel. +358 201 34 4200
CFO Markku Honkasalo, tel. +358 201 34 4226

**Annual Report 2020 Financial Statements 2020 presentation
Corporate Governance Statement 2020
Financial Statements as an XHTML file

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SATO is one of Finland's leading rental housing providers. SATO aims to offer a comprehensive choice of rental housing and an excellent customer experience. At year-end 2020, SATO owned nearly 26 800 apartments in Finland's largest growth centres and in St Petersburg.

We promote sustainable development and initiative through our operations and work in open interaction with our stakeholders to generate added value. We operate profitably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our housing stock through investments, divestments and repairs.

SATO Group's net sales in 2020 were EUR 303,4 million, operating profit EUR 179,6 million and profit before taxes EUR 129,5 million. The value of SATO's investment property is roughly EUR 4,8 billion.