SATO opens new doors to inexpensive rental homes

9 April 2015

SATO StudioHome introduces a new type of housing in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area

The Helsinki region suffers from a persistent shortage of inexpensive rental homes. To respond to the increasing need, housing investment company SATO has developed a new-generation housing format – SATO StudioHome. In addition to ensuring affordable housing costs, the new concept aims to provide an excellent customer experience and comfort.

SATO StudioHome will introduce studio apartments in a price range where there is currently no supply in the market. For the pilot property planned for Vantaa, this means rents at €500 a month.

The new-build StudioHomes will be spacious studios with an emphasis on high quality and design, with features including tailored fixtures, fittings and decor solutions. The StudioHomes will boast impressive ceiling heights of almost 4 m while having compact floor areas of around 16 sqm. Special attention will be paid to functionality and design, and added space will be provided by 6 sqm sleeping lofts and compact sized balconies. Communality will be created by premises shared by the residents, such as the large terrace and sauna section on the top floor. The ground floor will feature a laundry room and a large common room that can be transformed into purposes such as a café.

- A variety of solutions to the housing challenges of the capital region are required so that customers can select the one that best matches their current situation. In our opinion, SATO StudioHome is a strong option for inexpensive and flexible rental housing for people such as those who move into the area for work, says SATO President and CEO Erkka Valkila.

- We believe communal housing will become a trend in the growth centres. With its classy common areas, SATO StudioHome is very much in line with the housing model designed by general upper secondary school students for themselves in our workshop last year, says Valkila.

SATO will present the StudioHome concept in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area in the summer. The model home will enable customers, authorities, decision-makers and other players in the sector to see the functionality and high quality of the apartment.

The SATO StudioHome concept is ideal for Helsinki Metropolitan Area locations with good transport links. SATO is planning a pilot property for the concept for Raikukuja street in Martinlaakso, Vantaa. An application for an amendment to the land use plan has been submitted, with capacity for innovation and a positive approach to the development of housing formats displayed by City of Vantaa officials in the discussions preceding the application.

Visit SATO StudioHome via animation at YouTube:

For more information please contact:

SATO Corporation
Miikka Karjaluoto, Investment Manager, phone +358 40 583 0385
Erkka Valkila, President and CEO, phone +358 201 34 4001 or +358 50 62 050

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