SATO rental homes property in Helsinki’s Kallio district to undergo renovation

16 February 2022

SATO Corporation
Press release 16 January 2022 at 11:00 am

Built in 1939, the SATO-owned apartment building at Castréninkatu 3 in the Kallio district of Helsinki goes under renovation in February 2022. The project is estimated to take around 18 months.

“The renovation of the Castréninkatu 3 property started in February 2022 and will take around 18 months,” says Arto Aalto, Vice President, Investments, at SATO.

The contractor for the project is Veljekset Nuutinen Oy.

The renovation will involve the full refurbishment of the kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas. In addition, the property’s staircases and corridors will be painted and the water and drain pipes as well as electrical and building automation and control systems will be replaced. The apartment-specific storage units will be relocated from the cold attic to the heated basement, and the building will be equipped with a laundry as well as a sauna section. The building’s apartment distribution will change, and the renovated building will feature 95 homes, which is five more than before the project. The exteriors and roof of the building already underwent refurbishment in 2016.

SATO repairs its properties in accordance with the lifecycle principle and when renovating properties, the energy efficiency is also improved.

"We aim to improve the energy efficiency by around 30% compared to the pre-renovation level", says Aalto.

The natural ventilation of the Castréninkatu building will be replaced by centralised supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery. The radiator network will also be balanced and artificial intelligence and IoT sensors will be introduced in the building automation and control system. Heat recovered from exhaust air will be transferred into supply air, which will also improve housing comfort.

The renovation work may require exceptional arrangements in the street area affecting pedestrian access.

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