SATO to have 77 new rental homes in the Skanssi district of Turku

1 September 2022

SATO Corporation
Press release 1 September 2022 at 11:15 am

SATO, one of Finland’s largest rental housing providers, is developing new non-subsidised rental homes in the Skanssi district of Turku. This is the first time in five years that SATO is investing in new homes in the city. Construction started in August and the homes will be move-in ready by the end of October 2023.

On 26 August 2022, SATO finalised a deal to acquire from builders Lujatalo an apartment building to be constructed in the Skanssi district of Turku. The eight-storey building at the address Sorakatu 9 will have 77 new SATO rental homes. The building is located only 300 metres from the amenities of Skanssi shopping centre.

SATO works together with cities in developing residential areas and each year it commissions the construction of around 1,000 new rental homes in urban settings close to good transport connections and amenities.

“In keeping with SATO’s strategy, we wish to develop residential areas and provide a wide range of housing options. Over the past few years, we have explored many investment opportunities in the Turku region and are very pleased that our close cooperation with Lujatalo in the Helsinki region is now expanding to Turku as well. We are happy to be a part of the urban development of Turku and to provide our customers with new rental homes in an ideal location,” says Seppo Merimaa, SATO Regional Director for the Turku region.

“Multiple operators are involved in the development of the Skanssi district, which will feature a range of different forms of housing. Our building on Sorakatu will have non-subsidised rental homes ranging in size from studio efficiencies to larger family homes,” says Arto Aalto, Vice President, Investment at SATO.

Planning and design informed by sustainability and energy efficiency

All planning and design decisions in the Skanssi area are made with cost-effectiveness in mind and with attention to lifecycle costs.

“The design of new SATO rental homes is always informed by energy efficiency, sustainable building solutions to last for decades to come, and adaptability. Instead of the regular 50 years, the frames of SATO’s residential buildings are required to have a useful life of 100 years,” Aalto adds.

Like other new-builds developed by SATO, the Sorakatu building will have low energy consumption. The building is heated with district heating, as its location in a groundwater area does not allow the use of geothermal heat. Solar panels to generate part of the electricity required by the building are also included in the plans for the building.

The building will have saunas, laundry and drying rooms and storage rooms for outdoor equipment for the common use of all residents along with individual storage units for each apartment. The sauna facilities feature a ground-level patio for cooling down. The homes will be well-equipped: the kitchens are outfitted with induction cooktops and built-in ovens, the largest family homes feature a separate toilet in addition to the bathroom. The bathroom furniture, awarded both the Keyflag and the Design from Finland symbols, is made of moisture-resistant high-pressure laminate. The washrooms are all equipped with wet underfloor heating connected to the district heating network. Almost every apartment has a glassed-in balcony, except for some studio and one-bedroom apartments having a French balcony.

The building’s grounds include a pleasant sitting and play area. Parking is provided in the covered carport, adjoining parking garage and at ground-level. The garage has four electric car-charging points and more will be acquired for the ground-level parking spaces at the construction stage.

Skanssi district in Turku

Skanssi is located roughly 4 km from the centre of Turku. It is a new residential district that will be home to around 8,000 residents by 2030. Environmental friendliness is a key objective in the area. A wide range of amenities and forms of housing are envisioned for the district. Mobility decisions will favour public transport, cycling and walking.

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SATO Corporation is an expert in sustainable rental housing and one of Finland’s largest rental housing providers. SATO owns around 25,000 rental homes in the Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere and Turku.

SATO aims to provide an excellent customer experience and a comprehensive range of urban rental housing alternatives with good access to public transport and services. We promote sustainable development and work in open interaction with our stakeholders. SATO invests profitably, sustainably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our assets through investments, divestments and repairs.

In 2021, SATO Group’s net sales totalled EUR 298.3 million, operating profit EUR 304.5 million and profit before taxes EUR 259.4 million. The value of SATO’s investment properties is around EUR 5 billion.