SATO's customer service appreciated by customers

22 April 2016

SATO Corporation, Press Release, 22nd April at 10:17 am

Ranked at number 4 and 10 in the Customer's Voice competition

SATO's customer service was ranked as fourth in the Best Service Developer and tenth in the Best Customer Service centre category of the Customer's Voice competition organised by SN4. The results were based on more than 520,000 customer feedback entries. The data comprised customer feedback from 58 customer contact centres staffed by around 3,500 customer service agents.

Customer Service Manager Marika Paananen from SATO:

- The customer's service experience is what matters more than anything else for us. Home-related things are big issues close to people's hearts, and we're determined to provide them with a service that's second to none.

- To be able to learn from our successes and continue our progress towards even better service provision, we measure our customer feedback with the Net Promoter Score (NPS) immediately after the customer contact. We also continuously train SATO employees working at the customer interface. This year we managed to improve our results by almost 20% from the year before.

In the 2015 Customer's Voice competition SATO's customer service won the Best Service Developer category, and at the beginning of 2016 an impressive six SATO customer service representatives and rent payments advisers received a personal Customer's Voice award. These personal awards mean these staff members are approximately in the top 20% of all customer service professionals included in the rankings.

To read more about the Customer's Voice competition, visit the SN4 website:

For more information please contact:** **
Marika Paananen, Customer Service Manager, phone +358 201 34 4419 or +358 40 631 0380
Riitta Lindgren, Head of Rent Payments Advice, phone +358 201 34 4166 or +358 400 610 221

SATO is one of Finland's leading rental housing providers. SATO's aim is to offer comprehensive alternatives in rental housing and an excellent customer experience. All told, SATO holds roughly 23,400 rental homes in Finland's largest growth centres and in St Petersburg.

In our operations, we promote sustainable development and initiative-taking, and work in open interaction with our stakeholders to create added value. We operate profitably and with a long-term view. We increase the value of our housing property through investments, divestments and repair work.

SATO Group's net sales in 2015 were €323.4 million, operating profit €196.5 million and profit before taxes €159.4 million. SATO's investment properties have a value of roughly €2.8 billion.