SATO’s low-energy building credited on Finland’s Smartest and Happiest Residential Building competition

23 October 2015

SATO’s low-energy building, Soukanniementie 1 in Espoo, received an honorary award for its indoor conditions on Finland’s Smartest and Happiest Residential Building competition last night. Organised by Green Building Council Finland, the competition challenged the residential property sector to offer and develop residential buildings that are efficient in terms of energy and water consumption and also make happy homes in terms of their indoor conditions (acoustics, temperature, lighting and air quality).

Vice President Pasi Suutari from SATO:

- This recognition is highly important for us at SATO. Our aim is to increase energy efficiency at our properties in order to mitigate climate change and achieve cost savings. At the same time we’re determined not to make any compromises when it comes to residential comfort, and the Soukanniementie property has been a great success in this respect.

- According to feedback received from residents, they’re proud of their rental home and think very highly of how environmentally friendly, comfortable and functional the building is.

- Soukanniementie 1 is our first low-energy building, but a corresponding property is already under construction next door. The SATO RentHomes of Kilvoituksentie 1 are due for completion in late 2016.

Additional information:

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