SATO’s organisation structure as from 18 February 2016

19 February 2016

SATO’s organisation has been structured for speedier and more flexible response to the changing operating environment.

President and CEO Saku Sipola:

- We’re bringing the customer experience strongly to the core of our operations alongside careful property management. I believe that service providers will have to respond to the changes in the rental housing market through more active customer relationship management and improved services. At SATO our response to this development is to bring these functions together on a nationwide basis. The developing role of marketing and communications will support the strengthening of our customer relationships with new service models and increasing customer dialogue.

- In 2015 our rental housing investments amounted to around €250 million. Our investment activities will continue at the same level, and we’re seeking an active role in the acquisition of rental housing portfolios and also developing our housing stock through divestments. In project development we’re exploring new opportunities together with our partners and municipalities. The accelerating rate of change in our operating environment calls for active business development as well as investigations into new business opportunities.

The division of responsibilities in SATO’s organisation is as follows:

The Investments business unit is headed by Vice President Antti Aarnio. He is responsible for rental home investments and divestments, project and property development, design and projects.

The Housing business unit is responsible for home rental and maintenance, customer service as well as the operations of our regional units. For the time being the unit is headed in addition to her other duties by Vice President, Deputy to President and CEO Tuula Entelä.

Tuula Entelä is in charge of the new Business Development unit and responsible for strategic development, process development, innovation activities, new business activities as well as SATO HotelHome operations and business in St Petersburg.

Director for Customer Relationships and Communications Monica Aro is responsible for marketing, customer relationship development and communications as well as media relations.

Chief Financial Officer Esa Neuvonen is responsible for finance, ICT and procurement.

The SATO Corporate Management Group comprises the President and CEO as well as the above-mentioned senior executives.

For more information please contact:

Saku Sipola, President and CEO, phone +358 201 34 4001 or +358 40 5515 953