Skanssi, Turku, soon to have 77 new SATO rental homes

28 August 2023

SATO Corporation 
Press release 28 August 2023 at 1:00 pm 

SATO’s new rental homes by the Skanssi shopping centre in Turku are going to be completed in October and are suitable for those who value good local services and living close to nature. Sorakatu 9 is SATO’s first newbuild property in Turku in five years.

Launched in August last year, the apartment building construction project at Sorakatu 9 will be completed in October and the homes will be ready to move in from the beginning of November. The eight-storey building has a total of 77 rental homes of different sizes: 42 studios and 15 one-bedroom, 13 two-bedroom and 7 three-bedroom homes. The location just 300 metres from the services of the Skanssi shopping centre is excellent.

SATO is one of Finland’s biggest rental housing providers and has around 1,900 rental homes in Turku. Sorakatu 9 is SATO’s first newbuild property in Turku in five years and was implemented in cooperation with building contractor Lujatalo.

− Although there are still plenty of new rental homes being completed in Turku at the moment and competition between rental housing providers is intense, we believe there’s demand for our homes now becoming available in Skanssi. Skanssi is a highly attractive area thanks to its great location and transport connections, diverse service selection and closeness to nature, says Seppo Merimaa, Sato Regional Director for the Turku region.

− We’ve received a large number of applications for the Sorakatu homes and have already signed the first lease agreements, Merimaa continues.

Energy-efficient Sorakatu rental homes waiting for residents

The design of Sorakatu, just like all new SATO rental homes, caters for energy efficiency, sustainable building solutions that will last for decades to come, and adaptability. The building is heated with district heating, as its location in a groundwater area does not allow the use of geothermal heat. The property also has a solar power system generating part of the electricity used.

The residential building at Sorakatu 9 has shared sauna, laundry and drying facilities for all residents as well as spacious outdoor equipment storage accessed from the end of the building. Each apartment also has its private storage unit. The sauna facilities feature a ground-level patio for cooling down.

The light-filled apartments have smart layouts and a neutral colour scheme, so it is easy to make your home look just like you. The high standard of the apartments includes kitchens outfitted with induction cooktops and built-in ovens, integrated fridge-freezers, and moisture-resistant and beautiful bathroom furniture designed and made in Finland. The bathrooms are equipped with wet underfloor heating connected to the district heating system. Almost every apartment has a glassed-in balcony, while some studios and one-bedroom homes have a French balcony.

The building’s grounds include a pleasant sitting and play area as well as outdoor gym equipment.

Ecological everyday life in Skanssi

There is a special emphasis in the design and implementation of the Skanssi district in the ecological aspects of everyday life. The great location enables a focus in the mobility solutions on public transport, cycling and walking. The centre of Turku and the centre of Kaarina are both around 4 km from the property, and the Skanssi shopping centre located next door has a broad selection of shops, restaurants and services. The nearest school is located less than 3 km away in Lauste, and there is a children’s day care centre in Skanssi.

The area is surrounded by several nature sites, such as the Levonhaka forest, Skanssinmäki esker area and Skanssinmetsä forest, and Skanssi central park. A popular walking and running track passes through Skanssi and takes you west through Katariinanlaakso to the Ispoinen fitness trail and Luolavuori, while towards the east the route stretches all the way to Lehmusvalkama and, via the Lauste fitness trail, to Kaarina Central Sports Park.

To take a look at available rental homes at Sorakatu 9, Skanssi, Turku, see here.

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