Kala-Matti 3

Espoo, Matinkylä
27.5 - 101.5 m2
6 rental apartments available

Comfortable rental homes

Homes within walking distance from shopping centre

Located conveniently within walking distance from Iso Omena shopping centre and the metro station currently under construction, this building has rental homes for a variety of life situations from compact studios to nicely laid out family homes. The layouts are clean and the open-plan kitchens form pleasant living areas with the dining and living rooms. All apartments excluding the smallest studios have a balcony.

Drying room
Air-raid shelter
Attic or cellar or storage room
Outdoor storage room
Laundry house
House sauna

Real estate information


Apartment count


Building count


Apartment types

studio, 1 br., 2 br., 3 br.

Apartment sizes

studio: 27.5 - 35 m2
1 br.: 44.5 - 63.5 m2
2 br.: 67.5 - 83.5 m2
3 br.: 88 - 101.5 m2

Public spaces

Drying room, Air-raid shelter, Attic or cellar or storage room, Outdoor storage room, Laundry house, House sauna


Parking space available. More info sato@matinkylanhuolto.fi. Not included in rent.


Service manager/ Property manager

Martin Kollamaaasiakaspalvelu@sato.fi

Maintenance company

Matinkylän Huolto Oy / Huolto, Gränsantörma 2, 2.kerros (Aspa), 02200, Espoo09 8046 3211sato@matinkylanhuolto.fi