Runoratsunkatu 15, Vermonniitty, Espoo

More sustainable living ten minutes from central Helsinki

SATO is developing non-subsidised rental homes in Runoratsunkatu street in the Espoo district of Vermonniitty. The property consists of 135 rental homes in a 16-storey tower block.

Geothermal heat and own solar power plant

The design of the building caters for energy efficiency and sustainable building solutions that will last for decades to come. Rated A for energy efficiency, the building features energy efficient windows, ventilation with heat recovery capability, and solar panels on its roof. The efficient design of the homes and common areas also serves to reduce the building’s overall energy consumption and improve its carbon footprint.

Common spaces and responsible transport options

Sustainability has also been taken into account with regard to mobility. All parking spaces will be installed with infrastructure in readiness for electric car charging. There are also plans to make shared cars available to the residents of the entire city block.

Every home will feature either a glassed-in balcony or a terrace. In addition, the buildings will have sauna and club facilities and laundry and drying rooms for the common use of all residents along with a wide range of storage facilities including individual storage units for each apartment and shared bicycle storage.

Runoratsunkatu15 A8 olohuone ja keittiötila näkymineen

Nestled between Kehä I ring road to one side and Turunväylä highway to the other, the Espoo district of Vermonniitty offers excellent transport links. The ride to Helsinki city centre by commuter train takes just over ten minutes. The nearest train stations are Mäkkylä and Leppävaara. One of the stops on the future Jokeri Light Rail line will also be situated nearby. Slated for completion in summer 2024, the Jokeri Light Rail line is an express tram service between the Itäkeskus district of Helsinki and the Keilaniemi district of Espoo. The tram service will replace the current 550 bus service that is among the most heavily used bus lines in the Helsinki region. Sello shopping centre with its many amenities is within walking distance. Close by, there is also a golf course, an allotment garden, and public indoor and outdoor swimming pools. There are several schools and day care centres in the area.


The apartments will be ready for moving into in March 2023 and will be available for renting on the Find a Home page on November 3rd 2023.

Runoratsunkatu15 A8 työhuone ja makuuhuhone säilytystiloineen

New home in February 2023

The brand new apartments in Runoratsukatu are now available for rent on our Find a home page. Choose the view you like now!

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Enjoy effortless living in a completely new home

Runoratsunkatu 15 is a carefully designed tower block, where you can find cozy little homes and larger family apartments. The apartments are connected by an insightful spatial design: these homes have space to relax, cook and work. Neutral-colored and timeless choices of surface materials guarantee that you can easily furnish the apartment to suit your own life.

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Amazing sceneries and light

A glazed balcony serves as an extension of each home, with views towards the sea in the direction of the Helsinki and Vermo race tracks, or open views of the courtyard. Are you looking for a slightly more special apartment? Discover the 3.3 meter high apartments on the 13th floor, which bath in light. The apartments on the upper floors also have large terraces, from which the open views especially come into their own.

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Real estate information

Runoratsunkatu 15, Vermonniitty, Espoo

Apartment count

Building count

Floor count

Apartment types
Studio 76 pcs
1 br. 27 pcs
2 br. 32 pcs


Public spaces
House sauna, clubroom, laundry house, drying room, outdoor equipment storage, apartment-specific storage units

Carage, some parking spaces are equipped with charging facilities

Yes, Telia

Asset limitations

Estimated time of completion

Smoke free

District heating

Great views and central location

Did you dream of a completely new home with light and views? Check out the available SATO Rental Homes at Runoratsunkatu 15.

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