Piispantie 5, Pitäjänmäki, Helsinki

Cozy courtyard and 1950s atmosphere

On Piispantie, you can extend your life into the common courtyard. Pitäjänmäki is suitable for many lifestyles: comprehensive services and hobby opportunities can be found in close proximity.

The atmosphere of the 1950s and the spaciousness of the courtyard

SATO owns several buildings in the same complex in this cohesive, quiet and comfortable neighbourhood close to the city boundary with Espoo. This enjoyable, child-friendly area of low-rise buildings features lush grounds with plenty of places to play. The buildings are named after characters in Aleksis Kivi’s classic Finnish novel Seven Brothers; the buildings at Piispantie 5 are called Timo, Toukola and Lauri. Toukola was completed in 1993, the other two in 1964. Piispantie 5 residents can book a sauna turn in the Piispantie 3 building sauna.

Ease of getting around

Pitäjänmäki has several day care centres and everyday services within easy reach. There is a nice playground in the area, and the Tali Tennis Centre and sports park are within 1 km away. The grounds of the Tali manor park and Pajamäki have several beautiful walking routes, and there are also local maintained cross-country skiing tracks in the winter. The area is accessible by train as well as from Vihdintie road by several regional and U line buses headed for Espoo, Vantaa, Klaukkala and Takkula.


The apartments will be move-in ready in March 2023 and they will be available for rent on the Find a Home page in December 2022.


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Renovated, atmospheric home from Piispantie

Clean surfaces, beautiful views and efficient space solutions. Get to know the Piispantie 5 house and browse the homes under construction.

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