Lincolninaukio 4, Keimolanmäki, Vantaa

Energy-efficient living and a cozy block yard

SATO is developing new non-subsidised rental homes in the Vantaa district of Keimolanmäki at Lincolninaukio 4. The property will have two staircase sections, eight storeys and a total of 159 homes.

Interesting and sustainable building solutions

All apartments facing the courtyard will have concrete balconies. Some homes will also have French balconies. The higher floors of the building on the Keimolankaarre street side will feature wooden balconies with a negative carbon footprint because, during their lifecycle, they will absorb more carbon dioxide from the air than they will emit.

Unbeatable energy efficiency

Energy efficiency and construction solutions that will last for decades have been taken into account when designing the apartment building. The property’s energy efficiency class is A. The heat source for the building is geothermal heat, which makes use of thermal energy stored in the ground. Geothermal heat reduces carbon dioxide emissions and also has an additional advantage in that it can also be used for cooling. The building will also have a solar power system.

There will be 11 car parking spaces on the building grounds and another 170 in the adjacent parking facility. All parking spaces will be equipped with electric car charging facilities. Shared cars for residents to use have also been included in the plans for the building.

Amenities for all

The apartment building will have shared sauna, clubroom, laundry and drying room facilities and a diverse range of storage including apartment-specific storage units for all apartments as well as bicycle storage.

There will be a children’s play area shared with the neighbouring property on the grounds. A grocery store is also under construction in the same block.

Immerse in interesting history and enjoy great connections

The new Keimolanmäki residential area is located west of Hämeenlinnanväylä road just under 1 km from the Ring Rail Line Kivistö train station. There will be a cluster of services and shops for the entire area in Kivistö. Kivistö station has excellent train connections to destinations such as the airport, Tikkurila and Myyrmäki as well as the centre of Helsinki. The nearby Hämeenlinnanväylä road is convenient for those with a car. The Keimolanmäki area is surrounded by the natural environment, close to the diverse Petikko recreational areas as well as the Keimola golf course. There is a day care centre and a school in Keimolanmäki. The area’s motor sports history is still visible in the street names as well as artwork found in local parks and property grounds.


Construction work began in October 2021 and the apartments will be ready for moving into in June 2023. In Spring 2023 apartments will be available for renting on the Find a Home page.


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Interesting and sustainable building solutions

Real estate information

Jokiniementie 46 ja 48, Veräjämäki, Oulunkylä, Helsinki

Apartment count

Building count

Apartment types
Studio 94 pcs
1 br. 47 pcs
2 br. 60 pcs
3 br. 21 pcs


Public spaces
House sauna, clubroom, laundry house, drying room, outdoor equipment storage, apartment-specific storage units

Yes, some parking spaces are equipped with charging facilities

Yes, Telia

Asset limitations

Estimated time of completion

Smoke free

Geothermal heating

Kuvassa Lupajantie 2:n luhtitalon parveke, jonka lasitusten läpi näkyy pihamaata, viereinen rakennus ja sininen syystaivas.

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