Raudikkokuja 7 A ja B, Hakunila, Vantaa

Effortless living in a brand new renthome

Are you longing for a quiet place where you can recharge and relax? A place where everyday life runs smoothly and the family flourishes? The new Raudikkokuja homes are in short distance to both nature and Hakunila's services.

The look of Raudikkouja will be completed when a two-part rental apartment building will be built on the plot in place of the former parking spaces. The new residential apartment buildings and a parking area will be built on the current parking areas of Raudikkokuja 3, 5 and 10. In the new parking area, there will be parking spaces for the use of other SATO housing companies of the area as well. In connection with the construction work, the current yard areas of the Raudikkokuja houses will also be improved, e.g. with new plantings and with the renewal of the playground and waste management. The new building has a concrete frame and the balconies facing the street are made of wood.

Own solar panels and geothermal heat

In the design of the residential building, energy efficiency and building solutions that last for decades have been taken into account. The A-energy class residential building has energy-efficient windows, ventilation equipped with heat recovery, and solar panels. The apartments and common areas are designed efficiently, which contributes to reducing the building's energy consumption and carbon footprint.

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Tuesday, April 16th at 6 PM - 6:15 PM

New innovation: loft-style multipurpose units with high ceilings

Raudikkokuja 7 has homes ranging from smart studios to family homes with three bedrooms. There are also loft-style dual-purpose business spaces/homes on the ground floor. The business spaces/loft-style homes in staircase section A have ceiling heights from four to more than four metres. A1 is a two-storey unit, while the other multipurpose apartments feature a loft with kitchen and bathroom spaces underneath it in the non-exterior side of the unit. The business spaces/loft-style homes of staircase section B do not feature lofts but still boast ceiling heights of 3.5 metres for an airy feel. There is a low wall around the private front entrance garden areas of the ground-floor business spaces/loft-style homes on the street side.

Hakunila - borough of the year

Hakunila was selected as the borough of the Year in 2015 by the Finnish Local Heritage Federation. The jury was particularly impressed by the communality and active participation in local events by the residents.

A full range of services can be found in Hakunila: day care centres, schools, library, church as well as commercial services at the centre of Hakunila. The Porttipuisto shopping center is also nearby, where you can find a wide range of services, stores, interior design and furniture stores.

Close to all services

The diverse Hakunila sports park with the lit cross-country skiing track and the surrounding Ojanko recreational area are perfect for outdoor pursuits, while those into physical activity indoors will enjoy the local swimming pool with long history. Local history can be experienced at Håkansböle Manor, with a variety of events for residents organised in the Manor park and gardens. Located close to main transport routes, several bus services pass through Hakunila, providing easy access to destinations around the Helsinki Metropolitan Area.


Raudikkokuja will be completed in stages: A-staircase will be ready for rent on July, 2023 and B-staircase on September, 2023. They are now abailable for rent on the Find a home page.


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Additional information

Raudikkokuja 7 A are available for rent!

You can move into the brand new Raudikkouja apartments on July 1st, 2023 for the A staircase and on the B staircase on September 1st, 2023. Find out about the available SATO rental homes here!

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