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Experiences living with SATO

What is it like to live in SATO home? What is the best thing about SATO rental home and the area? And what made our residents choose SATO house as their place to be?

Why SATO? Let's see what our residents think about our services, their rental home and why they choose SATO as their lessor. The comments have been collected directly from natives in SATO rental homes.

Rent deposit 0 euros

Moving to a new home is usually a happy and anticipated event. But sometimes, when life takes you by surprise, a home change can happen at very short notice. The absence of a rental guarantee makes it easier to find just the right home and allows for quick moves.

"I couldn't sell my own home in a difficult life situation and I just didn't have the money for a rent deposit."
"It makes it easier to move as a student as the money is often "tied up" in the deposit of the previous apartment, which is often only available after the keys and the apartment have been inspected."
"Life would have been tighter for several months if I had had to pay a deposit. I don't even know how I would have gotten that much money. I had just separated from my long-term partner."

We mainly looked at SATO's homes for this reason.

"This was one of the big things when we were choosing a lessor. Moving costs money, so it's nice not to have to use our savings on a deposit."
"I have been a SATO tenant since September 2010. At that time, in a challenging life situation, a €0 rent guarantee was worth its weight in gold."

"No deposit was a big deal for me"

In SATO homes, security diposit is generally 0 euros. For many, this is a big deal or at the very least simplifies everyday life when moving.

Security deposit 0 euros

Swift service

Did you lose your keys? Did the stairwell light burn out? Or do you feel like painting your walls a little more your own? Contact us on OmaSATO or call our customer service and we'll get the job done!

"My SATO home is my first home of my own. I feel more comfortable knowing that if a problem arises in my home I can get help without having to immediately order an expensive professional service."
"The House Experts have been nice and helpful. It's easy to make service requests online, and there's excellent information on the progress of the service."
"We have been able to ask questions through OmaSATO and have received immediate help."

Things are handled very smoothly and quickly.

"It is very easy to report any issue on the OmaSATO website and the flow of information is fast from start to finish."
"Our House Expert always comes very quickly to address maintenance issues and is really nice. I bumped into him one day and he remembered me and asked if the radiators had stayed warm after he aired them. Such a great feeling!"

"Customer service representatives communicate in a understanding, genuine and caring manner."

SATO has decades of experience in listening to residents' wishes and maintaining their homes. Our customer service team helps over the phone and through the OmaSATO online service, House Expert helps with the little everyday hitches and a service manager develops with the longer term in mind.

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Pets welcome

Already have a four-legged friend or thinking of getting a pet? Choose a SATO rental home, we welcome pets without a separate permission. And no worries, you can also invite a friend's dog or pal's a parrot to come over for a visit. We know it's good for you all.

"We have two foster cats who arrived with very little notice and it was lovely that they were welcome in our house and I didn't have to worry about providing a temporary home for them."

"What's good, the soundproofing is top notch. Our watchdog doesn't have to be on "standby" all the time, since don't hear noises coming from the stairwell."
"My cat enjoys the balcony a lot in the summer and in the winter he watches the children's snow play in the courtyard through the window."

The peace and quiet of my building is also good for my pet.

"Our dogs enjoy the jogging trails and woods in the neighbourhood. They are often accompanied by two dogs from the same staircase. A big plus at home is the warm bed and the quiet staircase. Nothing disturbs their sleep."

"SATO loves pets and consider them part of the family."

Your pet is part of the family, that's why animal companions are welcome at SATO homes. We have for example mini hedgehogs, rabbits, fish and of course cats and dogs living in our houses with their servants.

Make yourself at home, furry friends

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When you rent a home and sign a contract during the campaign period 5.-25.2.2024, you will be entered into a draw for a €1000 K-Gift Card.

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