Business operations

How does SATO operate?

SATO is one of Finland's leading housing providers. We have over 25,000 apartments and nearly 43,000 residents in Helsinki Metropolitan Area, Tampere, and Turku.

For over 80 years we have been experts in Finnish housing. We build approximately 1,000 homes per year, and our goal is to have our residents live in a carefree life that feels their own.

We encourage our customers to make smart, sustainable everyday choices, and aim to show a good example ourselves. We are committed in renovating, repairing and creating cosy, safe neighborhoods.

We at SATO take care of our

  • accounting and financing
  • customer service
  • data and analytics
  • housing business
  • human resources
  • investments
  • IT and digital development
  • managing building and renovating operations
  • marketing and communications
  • procurement
  • renting

Rent payments control is handled by our partner, and our houses and homes are tended by our own House Experts with partnering maintenance companies

Our main shareholder is Fastighets AB Balder, a Swedish publicly traded company.

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Our impact

We bear responsibility fro environment and our stakeholders. Our homes provide safety and security to our residents, we want our employees thrive, and we provide work for our partners.

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