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Rental apartment in Vallila

Summer dancing in the middle of the wooden houses, unique restaurants and swimming in the legendary Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre. SATO's rental apartments in Vallila are located right next to countless interesting activities.

Located in the northernmost part of central Helsinki, Vallila has around 9,000 residents. Most of the district consists of typical central Helsinki apartment buildings, but there is also an area of wooden houses built in the 1910s, Puu-Vallila.

See our three tips to get to know Vallila.

1. Historical area of wooden houses

It feels like travelling back in time when you stand in the middle of these idyllic wooden houses. Puu-Vallila is a friendly and colourful area built in 1910. Known for its community spirit, Puu-Vallilla is blooming with events during the sunny seasons, such as the street parties and Walpurgis Night dances.

Puu-Vallila, Keuruuntie 11

2. Splashing away in Mäkelänrinne

Mäkelärinne Swimming Centre is one of the most popular swimming centres in Finland. Those swimming serious lengths as well as the occasional Sunday swimmers enjoy the variety offered by Mäkelänrinne. Its specialties are the 50-m Olympic size pool and diving platforms loved by kids in particular. In addition to swimming, you can also work out at the gym or take part in exercise classes.

Mäkelänrinne Swimming Centre, Mäkelänkatu 49

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3. Quality burgers

Located right next door to the Puu-Vallila area of wooden houses, Bites Vallila is quality burger place in an office building. As well as serving traditional hamburgers, there are also new taste experiences here for you to try out. It is a good idea to get to Bites Vallila well in time for weekday lunchtime as it usually gets very busy.

Bites Vallila Oy, Nokiantie 2-4

Things you didn’t know: Aleksis Kiven katu 11b is a residential building in a formed industrial building that looks like an ordinary block of flats from the courtyard and a grand old stone building from the side facing the street. Homes in this building have as much character as their history – most are studios in two storeys and those on the top floor feature a skylight.

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