Living in a SATO home

Tiny home, big apartment, new customer, long-term resident, homebody, world traveller - living in a SATOhome is as diverse as the life itself. And we have assembled all sorts of rental living related questions below.

Iloinen kolmikymppinen kiharatukkainen nainen tekee kuvan etualalla salaattia. Taustalla pitkätukkainen tyttöystävä avaamassa keittiön kaappia.

Enjoying your home

Enjoying your home -guide is the survival kit for every SATO resident in a nifty package.

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Onnellinen tummatukkainen pariskunta ihastelee uutta kotiaan ovensuussa. Miehellä parta ja vaalea paita, naisella keltainen paita ja haalarit.

Painting kit and DIY renovation

Surface materials play a major role in the atmosphere of your home. If you wish, you can request a free painting kit from SATO and carry out a small-scale painting renovation in your rental apartment.

If you would like to carry out a more comprehensive do-it-yourself renovation in your rental home, you can request permission from your home building's service manager.

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