The effortless flow of OmaSATO messages

In OmaSATO, SATO's digital service for residents, tens of thousands of messages are exchanged annually, covering every topic related to rental living. But how does a report, for instance, about a detached door handle sent via OmaSATO, reach the right House Expert for the specific SATO building - and all within just a couple of minutes?

The solution is just a message away

How are the messages forwarded, SATO's Service Director Titta Paananen?

"A service request is formed based on the resident's message sent in OmaSATO. Different types of service requests are programmed to transfer directly to the experts handling that specific topic. This could be SATO's Customer Service for issues related to rent payments, the House Expert for defect reports, or the Service Manager of the building for disturbance reports," explains Titta and adds: "Generally, within a couple of minutes after sending the message, it is already on the expert's to-do list." Quite handy!

Resident- and pet-friendly service

If you notice something in your home that needs fixing, it's time to send a defect report via OmaSATO. When submitting the defect report, you can also mention the four-legged friends living in your home and indicate whether your home can be accessed with a master key. These small, effortlessly added details speed up the processing of your matter.

Most defect reports end up directly on the to-do list of the House Expert responsible for that specific SATO building.

"The House Experts' morning starts with turning on their computer and scheduling the day's tasks. Urgent repairs, like issues with water fixtures, take top priority," says the Team Leader for the House Experts, Sami Korhonen, and continues: "Of course, we aim to resolve all service requests as quickly as possible."

The most experienced House Experts handle around ten tasks each day, and the throughput time of service requests is continuously monitored.

When the swift House Expert has resolved your defect report, they write a brief description of the solution. This text is also visible to the resident who sent the message, and the status of the service request changes to resolved.

Even better in the future

The version of OmaSATO released in February 2024 looks completely new, the navigation structure has been made more user-friendly, and more data beneficial to the resident has been introduced into the system.

Dozens of experts in their field, from Software Developers to Service Managers and from House Experts to Business Designers, have participated in the revamping process of OmaSATO.

SATO's residents are also involved in testing and providing feedback.

And the system improvements don't stop here.

"OmaSATO is developed based on the residents' wishes," says Business Designer Laura Lilleberg, who led the OmaSATO project. "Feedback and suggestions for improvement are continuously collected from the users, and customer testers will play a key role in further development as well."

If you encounter a hitch in the day-to-day life of your SATO rental home, send us a message via OmaSATO. Then just relax – through OmaSATO, you can easily and quickly get answers to all your questions related to rental living.