80 spruce trees will bring joy to yards for decades to come

On a Tuesday in October, SATO employees were busy planting trees in the yards of dozens of SATO buildings. The yards, in their brilliant autumn colours, were complemented with spruce saplings. The planting party was organised in honour of SATO’s 80th anniversary.

The planting of these 80 trees is also one of SATO’s sustainability programme initiatives, as trees bind carbon from the atmosphere.

“We wanted to celebrate our 80-year history with a sustainable solution that will bring joy for decades to come,” says SATO’s Corporate Responsibility Advisor Tiina Lehti.

Markku, Tiina, Riikka ja Sarianna istuttavat puuta Katajanokalla

The saplings are more than a metre tall, and in about five years they will grow roughly another metre. Several generations will get to watch the trees grow, as they will reach their full height only in 70 years.

“We hope our residents enjoy the trees, especially during the darkest days of the year, when they can be decorated and lit up,” says Tiina.

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