Hot hot hot! How can I get my home cool again?

"Remember the summer of 2018? It was so hot, I could bake cinnamon buns on my balcony floor!" We have compiled some tips and tricks to cool your summer memories and home down. Do let us know if you have tips of your own - you have a change of winning movie tickets!

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In Finland most homes have either a gravity based or automated air conditioning, but no cooling, and during a hot, hot summer that can feel insufficient. Here are some tips to cool down your rental apartment.

The classics:

  • Close your windows in the daytime, even if your home doesn't face the sun.
  • Keep the curtains or blinds closed especially during the time when the sun hits your windows. In the hottest weather it's recommended to keep the curtains closed from morning to late afternoon.
  • Open your curtains and windows at the sundown. The optimal ventilating time is in the earliest of mornings after a bit brisker night.
  • If you have a table fan, the best place for it is in front of the open window in the night time.
  • Turn all "unnecessary" electric devices off, and avoid using the oven.
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Tiny tips:

  • Do you have a table fan? Fill a one and a half litre plastic bottle with water and put it in the freezer. Just before going to bed, take the bottle from the freezer and place it on a towel near the air intake side of the fan. Make sure neither the bottle nor the towel is touching the fan's cord, and turn on the fan. 
  • There are two opposite sounding tips for cooling your own body down:
    - Either wet a small terry cloth with warm water and moisten your skin with it.
    - Or wet only the insides of your wrists with ice cold water or an icebag.
  • Dig deep in your memory unit: Where did you put the fabulous handheld fan you got from aunt Ritva-Marjatta in 1985 as a souvenir from Mallorca? Now it is time for that flowery fan to shine!

Humidity adds to the feeling of swelter:

  • Take a shower in the evening or early morning, keep the bathroom door closed, and let the bathroom's air ventilation take the humidity away. Avoid taking long showers.
  • Turn the dishwasher and washing machine on late in the afternoon or at dawn.
  • Utilize the drying room or the drying machine of your home building to dry your laundry.

Keep in mind:

  • If you have a separate air conditioner or a fan that has a cooling function, make sure the inevitable condensating water does not cause a water damage.
  • There are some pretty interesting cooling tips in the media. Don't fall for the craziest ones. This summer, for example, the advice to water you balcony has been one of the oddest, and one of the most harmful ones circulating. So please, do not water your balcony, and you will avoid causing a big water damage!

If after all these tricks the temperature of you SATOhome still rises permanently above +32 celsius, don't hesitate to call our customer service, p. 020 334 443.

Have you got an apartment cooling trick that's a family secret and works wonders? Do share it by commenting on this post on SATO's Facebook. Leave your tip on 12th August 2018 the latest, and you have a chance to win movie tickets!

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