The consortium of Architecture Office B&M, SATO, Peab, and TA received the third prize in the architectural competition for the centre of Leppävaara

24 April 2024

The work "Magic Wand" by the consortium of B&M Architects, SATO, Peab, and TA won the third prize in an international architectural competition organized by the City of Espoo. The design team also included Loci Landscape Architects, Finnmap Infra, and Sitowise.

The task in the architectural competition was to design residential, commercial, and office space in Espoo's Leppävaara, as well as a connecting deck to unify the different parts of the area. The competition was held in two stages.

"Magic Wand ('Taikavarpu')" connects the currently separate halves of Leppävaara with a concept where market-like pathways and central functions intertwine into a clear and visually attractive whole. The themes of the plan are lively and expressive, sustainable and flexible, and green and walkable.

Image: B&M Architects

The block-based structure is sustainable, verdant, and adheres to the principles of a walking city. The centre is envisaged as a high-rise area. The plan is based on a concept that can be built in phases. Blocks and functions fitted into the existing street network allow for a flexible and reliable construction method.

The awarded proposal aims for minimal climate impact and a techno-economic solution that largely preserves the city's infrastructure.

"The plan grows from the existing urban structure and refines its positive features. Developing the existing urban fabric with a flexible concept results in an attractive sustainable living environment," says architect Tuomas Seppänen from Architecture Office B&M Oy.

"For SATO, it is important to be involved in developing the residential areas of our major cities. Design competitions encourage us to boldly develop the future of living together with professionals from different fields, and the scale and diversity of the Leppävaara area provided a good basis for the design work," says Arto Aalto, Director of Investments from SATO.

For more information, please contact:

Tuomas Seppänen, Architect, B&M Architects
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Arto Aalto, Executive Vice President, Investments, SATO Corporation
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